Cross border money transfer startup InstaRem launches its services

InstaRem, a remittance payment startup, is getting into international money transfers, and significantly undercutting the competition on price and speed. It’s probably time to kiss The Western Union and Money Gram goodbye. Cross border money transfer is traditionally designed to fleece money from senders and receivers; hence, many startups are trying to disrupt the space. So the remittance market is now witnessing immense action from upcoming startups.

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Not Really Your Pal!

As your business scales and you have customers across the globe the biggest challenge you face is invoicing and collections. Most small and medium sized businesses (SMB) use a particular method as an option to receive payments. It allows you to receive payments from customers across the globe BUT it charges you 4.5%* of the Invoice value as fees.More...

Banks are bleeding you dry on your money transfers. A new startup wants to disrupt that

I get my salary in Singapore dollars, which is sent to my bank account in India. When I joined Tech in Asia, I had looked up the conversion rate from Singapore dollars to Indian rupees. But the amount coming into my account monthly was lower than what I had expected. Until now, I simply assumed it was because of currency rate fluctuations. But now, sheepishly, I realize that it’s my bank quietly gulping down a hefty portion as ‘FX spread’...