Customer Story – Bala

Expectant father, Bala, is an only son and carries the responsibility for his family in Hyderabad. Together with transfers for family assistance, InstaReM helps him maintain a monthly mortgage and meet his commitments back home


My name is Bala and I’m from Hyderabad in South India. I came to Australia five years ago and I believe it’s one of the best places to live in. I currently I work as a software engineer in an IT firm.
I’ve been married for three years and my wife and I are expecting a baby this September. I’m super excited to become a dad but we were recently quite surprised as we were expecting a girl and it’s turned out to be a boy! We’re definitely looking forward to that joyous moment.

Who do you have back home in India?
I’ve got a very large family back home, my entire family. All my siblings are settled and working in Hyderabad. I’m the first one to move to Australia and I’m the only son among five.
I’m responsible for my family as my dad is retired and my mum is a homemaker and my parents are both financially dependent on me.


How did your family feel when you decided to move to Australia?
Initially they weren’t really happy to be honest. But when I started sharing my memories and the best things about of Australia, the lifestyle and the culture and the way I’ve transformed into a new person, they’re now happy and they’ll be visiting Australia this month. I’m really looking forward to having them here.

How often and why do you send money back home to India?
As I said, I’m the only son and I have the responsibility of looking after my family. I send money back home every couple of months and aside from the family maintenance, I’ve also got a mortgage back home and I need to pay monthly instalments.
My family don’t expect much but I feel responsible and I like to be supportive.

How did you find out about InstaReM?
I was actually fortunate to find out about InstaReM just through Google! I wasn’t happy with other providers. One fine day I saw the InstaReM company profile, found it interesting and started an account.

Why do you like to use InstaReM?
InstaReM provides the best transfer rate, the fastest turnaround and the best thing I like about it is the 24×7 support they provide.
If I have to desribe InstaRem in three words, it would be fantastic, fastest turnaround and the best service.

Would you recommend InstaReM to the Indian community?
Certainly I would recommend InstaReM to other friends. In fact a couple of my colleagues have already started using it and are really enjoying the services.

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