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How Can Studying Abroad Benefit Your Career?

How Studying Abroad Can Help Your Career

How Studying Abroad Can Help Your Career

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to gain new experiences – not only in the classroom but also in life. Though daunting, studying abroad comes with certain perks that outweigh the cons by a huge margin. An international degree makes your resume more attractive to companies that are looking for candidates who are flexible, multilingual, and comfortable in multicultural settings.

The stats from the last 10 years support the theory above – the number of students going abroad has risen by 10% every year. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), with ongoing demographic changes globally, the population of international students could reach 8 million by 2025. Studying abroad can be extremely beneficial for your career as well as your overall development.

Still having doubts? Let’s share with you some ways in which studying abroad can benefit your career:

1. Exposure To Multiple Cultures

How Studying Abroad Can Help Your Career
Excitement and fear go hand in hand when you step out of home to study abroad. While you are determined to achieve your goal, the idea of being in a foreign land can be a bit daunting. However, you are not alone! There are a bunch of students from all over the world who are in the same boat as you. They work out to be a great support system. Additionally, studying with students from other countries helps you to expand your horizons.

This exposure to a multicultural and multilingual setting allows you to gain a greater respect for other cultures, makes you easy-going and understanding – all of which are crucial to a successful career. Navigating through uncharted waters boosts your confidence level, and makes you more self-reliant and independent which in turn helps you to become an excellent leader.

2. Better Communication Skills

How Studying Abroad Can Help Your Career
When students leave their native place to study abroad, they need to interact with people from other nationalities. These students tend to have different levels of comfort with English. While some may be proficient, others may not. Studying in leading institutions of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia or Asia helps in building your communication skills as well as interpersonal skills, which boosts your career in the long run. The best part is, you get to learn a foreign language, especially if the country has an official language apart from English. Not only that, you learn to understand different accents which helps you communicate with people comfortably. This enhances your confidence and improves your people skills.

3. Decision-Making & Life Skills

How Studying Abroad Can Help Your Career
Staying away from home helps you get acquainted with basic life skills. Whether it is preparing a meal or registering at a doctor’s clinic, you have to do everything on your own. This makes you independent and teaches you essential life skills. Even the struggles that you face while trying to adapt to a new place contribute to your decision-making and troubleshooting skills, which strengthens your leadership skills.

4. Exposure To Foreign Work Culture

How Studying Abroad Can Help Your Career
Studying abroad helps you gain a better understanding of leadership and business styles. It also makes you a better team player as you work with a diverse team. The cost of living and education expenses abroad compels most students to search for a part-time job while studying. According to various reports, around 80% of students who visit the United States for Masters, Doctoral or Postdoctoral studies, prefer to stay back there to pursue their careers.

Surveys have also proven the fact that most of the students who study abroad consider the college or university enrolment as the first step toward immigration. Though the scope of jobs is better in Canada, France and Germany, most candidates look out for career options in the United States or the United Kingdom. If you are enrolled in universities in the US or the UK, it is wise for you to make the most of the work exposure you get and use it for your career at a later stage.

5. Career Advancement

How Studying Abroad Can Help Your Career

A foreign degree helps you stand out from other candidates as certain skills, such as familiarity with international standards, laws, regulations, sensitivity to other cultures and strong cross-cultural communications, can only be gained through international experience. Besides, a foreign degree also offers a better pay scale. Surveys indicate that professionals working in the United States earn almost five times the salary of people working in developing countries. However, the cost of living too is directly proportional to the income, hence, you should spend wisely and save for rainy days.

So, cast those doubts aside and brush away the naysayers, and gear up for a bright future with an international degree.