blog imageExpat life10 spectacular cities to visit on New Year’s Eve

As we countdown to 2023, it’s time to start planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations! Here are 10 great cities to ring in the new year.

27 Nov 20239 mins read
blog imageInsiderUpgraded Instarem business experience – now available

The new Instarem business experience is now live in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, United States, Indonesia and Australia ! With the updated experience, you’ll be able to: Make and view transactions on your mobile Set up a payment in minutes Skip steps for quick payments Set up single-recipient payments faster Make up to 1,000 payments ...

01 Nov 20234 mins read
blog imageExpat lifePopular articlesAlipay: Everything you need to know

In recent years, mobile payments in China have exploded in popularity. In fact, China is a global leader when it comes to mobile payments. 45% of adults use the payment method daily, and an additional 41% do so at least once a week. This is due, in part, to the massive growth of mobile devices ...

28 Oct 20235 mins read
blog imageMoney Know-HowThe impact of inflation on forex rates: Unveiling the 5 key causes

You might have noticed the items you’ve bought recently might have gone a little bit more expensive than usual.  The cause: Inflation Inflation is a monetary phenomenon that has recently been the talk of the town yet again. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that inflation hit 8.6%, its highest level since 1981. In ...

28 Sep 20239 mins read
blog imageInsider4 biggest accounting challenges faced by global companies

While conducting business from multiple locations may be a sign of achievement, managing a multi-locational business has its own challenges. The phenomenon translates into significant stress on manpower, financial resources, and time management to ensure a smooth functioning business. It takes an extraordinary effort to align stakeholders – divided by nationalities, languages, and work cultures ...

27 Sep 20234 mins read
blog imageExpat lifeInsiderThe ultimate guide to choose a country to move to

Have you ever dreamed of moving to a foreign country? If so, you’re not alone. Every year, thousands of people make the move to a new country in search of a better life. But with so many different countries, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. In this guide, we ...

25 Sep 20237 mins read
blog imageRemittanceA Comprehensive Guide to Remittance Advice: Types and Creating Your Own

Modern payment solutions not only simplify international money transfers but also bring clarity and transparency to the process. And transparency here extends both ways – to the payer and the payee.  Hence, buying goods and services from someone and not establishing a proper paper trail of your business money transfers is not advisable in the ...

16 Sep 202313 mins read
blog imageRemittanceWhat is a Remittance Address? A Complete Guide

For anyone hearing the word remittance for the first time, the terminology can be overwhelming. Due to the various guidelines and relatively newer terms, remittance may sound confusing and challenging, but it is very easy to understand.   Once you understand the remittance meaning, you will know that there are several types of remittance options. A ...

12 Sep 20237 mins read
blog imageRemittanceTypes of remittance: Inward Remittance vs Outward Remittance

Transferring money or, more precisely, sending money abroad can be done for various reasons. Especially when foreign migration is increasing, mostly among working individuals, the word has gained immense importance and become a household term.  In the article below, we shall discuss in detail the types of remittance- inward and outward. What is Remittance? The ...

10 Sep 202314 mins read