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*Nium makes money when it changes your send currency into a different currency

How Our Foreign Exchange Rates Are Different

Banks and other providers add a mark-up, as high as 5%, to their exchange rate for sending money abroad. At InstaReM, it is up to 8x cheaper through our FX rates, low remittance fee and no hidden charges.

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InstaReM Advantage
Low Cost
InstaReM charges nominal fees on your money transfers. Our competitive rates are sourced from Reuters.
Easy Transfers
Sign up, verify your account and get transacting. Know the exact amount your recipient will get as you set up your transfer.
Loyalty Points
Earn bonus InstaPoints upon joining and each time you transfer. Redeem them against your transactions.

Send Money To Philippines At Low Cost


Transfer Money To Philippines

The steady demand for Filipino workers overseas has seen a rise in remittances to the Philippines. And InstaReM makes money transfers to the Philippines easier than ever. We make international money transfers safe, easy and cost-efficient for individuals and SMEs alike. Unlike banks and other financial institutions, there is no outrageous hidden charged and only a minimal FX markup on InstaReM. Now, send money to the Philippines at low cost money transfers and at a fraction of a cost of bank transfers. As safety and transparency are the bedrocks of our organisation, you can track your transfers with timely updates from us, and we make sure your money transfer to the Philippines is a breeze.

You can also transfer money to other countries in

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • North America
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          We top up your account with 75 InstaPoints as soon as you Sign Up.

          InstaPoints are loyalty points that you can redeem against your transactions to give you a discount.

          More The InstaPoints, More The Discount.

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