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We are INSTAREM, our name finding its origins in two words summarizing all that we stand for- "INSTANT REMITTANCE"

- Our Mission -

"Focus on a satisfactory
customer experience with
constant value creation, whilst
striving to reduce the cost of
transferring money globally"

- The Story -

" The Instarem story begins with a very personal experience.
Prajit Nanu faced a number of challenges in sending money
across international borders, like opaque FX rates and extended
timelines for delivery. This prompted him and Michael
Bermingham, a close aide, to collaborate with a shared vision of
making a difference to the world they live in. "
Where can I get a better FX conversion?
Why is the amount different from the amount my bank committed to?
What is an interbank FX rate and why can't I access it?
Why does it take so long for my money to reach my family?
How do I tackle all the hidden fees when I send money abroad?

We know exactly what you're thinking when you send money abroad. Sending money across the globe should be a process as easy as 1-2-3. But it's not.


- Milestone -

Now we are a Singapore headquartered fintech company, providing fast, safe and cost effective cross border money transfer services for Individuals and businesses, from Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore to more than 25 countries. Since we started operations in Australia in 2015, we have grown our customer base to 20,000 customers in 18 months of operations, with 45 staff globally. We are currently licensed in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada, with more to come. �

- Team -

Prajit Nanu
Co-founder And
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Bermingham
Co-founder and
Chief Operating Officer
Pratik Gandhi
Chief Business Officer
Mahesh Koirala
Global Finance Controller
Blaine Fabi
Head of Partnerships
Ashish Bajaj
Chief Technology Officer
AG Ramakrishna
Head of Institutional Business
Devendra Gupta
Head - Risk and Governance
Pratik Shah
Global Head of Marketing

- Our Values -

Customer Focus
It's because of our customers that we are
Ethical and transparent, always. Within and outside

Send & Save

Team Work
We are better together
There's always a better solution

- Investors -

Vertex Ventures

Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India invests in high-growth start-ups seeking their first round of institutional venture capital funding across Asia (excluding China), with a focus on Singapore, Southeast Asia and India, among other emerging hubs of innovation in this region. The current portfolio include Grab, Reebonz, Patsnap, TickledMedia, Paktor, SDiX, FirstCry, Yatra, Xpress Bees and Housejoy. For more information, visit www.vertexventures.com

Fullerton Financial Holding
Fullerton Financial

Fullerton Financial Holdings invests in and operates financial institutions in emerging markets. We create shareholder value by differentiating through great people, disciplined development and execution of unique business models that focus on the SME and mass market customer segments.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek, an investment company based in Singapore. For more information, visit www.fullertonfinancial.com

Global Founders Capital
Global Founders

Global Founders Capital (GFC) is a global venture capital fund that supports talented Internet entrepreneurs in all stages of development. The current portfolio includes Movinga, Naturebox, Dawanda, GetSafe, MarleySpoon and many other exciting companies. Global Founders Capital has been involved in numerous global success stories such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Trivago. More information is available from www.globalfounders.vc

Fullerton Financial Holding
SBI Ven Capital
Pte. Ltd.

SBI-FMO Emerging Asia Financial Sector Fund Pte Ltd is a growth strategy private equity investment fund which invests in financial services and fintech sector in Emerging Asia to capitalize on the high expected growth of the region. The Fund leverages on the combined strengths of the Fund's sponsors, SBI Group, a leading internet-based financial services conglomerate in Japan, and FMO, Netherland's Development Bank, to drive value to investee companies.

More information is available from www.sbivencapital.com

Fullerton Financial Holding
GSR Ventures
Pte. Ltd.

GSR Ventures is a Silicon Valley and Beijing based venture capital firm focused on early-stage technology companies. For the past 12 years, it backs entrepreneurs with global ambitions - entrepreneurs building large, disruptive businesses that have the potential to dominate large markets. GSR Venture is the first institutional investors a number of multi-billion dollar companies including DiDi, Qunar, ele.me, OFO, Inke, Xiaohongshu and others. GSR Ventures currently manages more than $1.5 billions and has more than 100 portfolio companies across Asia and the US.More information is available from www.gsrventures.cn/en