With Instarem, you get rewarded with our very own version of loyalty points that accrue in your account over time. 

InstaPoints programme is valid only for individual users.

How to earn points

Transfer money abroad

Each money transfer will reward you with InstaPoints. The bigger the amount, the greater the number of points you will earn. Do note that your transfer must be a minimum of USD 500 to be eligible to receive InstaPoints.

Refer a friend

Refer a friend to Instarem and earn 200 InstaPoints. This is our way of thanking you for the introduction.

Here's 25 InstaPoints. It's on us.

Earn 25 InstaPoints by simply signing up with us. It is our little way of saying hello. Score an additional 100 InstaPoints* when you complete your e-verification in the first 36 hours after you sign up.


Terms and conditions apply.

InstaPoints programme is valid only for individual users.

Explore more rewards

Referral Bonus

Invite a friend to join us and get 200 InstaPoints referral bonus when they transfer with us.

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Redeem InstaPoints

Redeem between 100 and 400 InstaPoints (USD 2.5 - USD 10) per transaction once you meet the minimum transaction amount of USD 500.

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