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A smarter way to pay for overseas tuition fees & living costs

Planning to study abroad? At Instarem, we help you avoid poor exchange rates and hidden fees every time you transfer money overseas for student allowances, living expenses, university fees, tuition costs and other education expenses. With No Hidden Charges, Low Cost and Low Fees, we offer a smarter and more affordable alternative to banks.

Now, you can save thousands when you send money for college fees and other education expenses, transfer monthly allowances for living expenses, pay rent for university accommodation or transfer money for a rental deposit.

Low cost

Instaremcharges nominal fees on your money transfers. Our competitive rates are sourced from Reuters.

No hidden charges

We don’t charge you a penny extra. We only charge you a nominal fee between 0.25% and 1%, depending on the countries you are sending from and to.


You can open an Instarem account in just minutes, and save yourself trips to agencies, counsellors, banks and other financial institutions that charge multiple fees.

How is Instarem more cost-efficient than other money transfer services

Instarem. Other Service Providers
Transaction Charges Transaction fees between 0.25% and 1% and no hidden charges. Around 4% including hidden charges such as margins on foreign exchange rates, bank charges, and service charges.
SWIFT / NOSTRO CHARGES Not applicable for local currency payouts - eg: no charges for USD sending USD to USA. Additional USD 15-20.
Beneficiary Amount Guaranteed destination amount for local currency payouts - eg: no charges for sending USD to USA. Deductions from the recipient’s bank account applicable.
FX Rates Actual market rates without any margins. Instarem provides the conversion rate without adding any margins. For example: If USD/INR rate is 70, you pay exactly INR 70,000 for USD 1000. Actual market rates without any margins. Instarem provides the conversion rate without adding any margins. For example: If USD/INR rate is 70, you pay exactly INR 70,000 for USD 1000
Transaction Status Real-time tracking available. Real-time tracking not available.
Process Real-time 100% digital – easy sign up process that takes less than 10 minutes. Multiple visits to offline branches and physical documentation required.
Turnaround Time Most competitive settlement time frames. Takes longer time for the transaction to be completed.
Savings Parents/Students save approximately 3% more with Instarem as compared to other platforms. Students can save up to USD 380 on every payment of USD 20,000/- on university fee payments. Parents/Students pay 2-3% more on university fee and overseas payments

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Fees and exchange rates vary by sending amount, currency, payment method and receive country. Please change these parameters to view the applicable fees.


    *Subject to banking partner operating hours and availability, local laws/regulations, and compliance requirements.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How Is Instarem More Cost-Efficient for International Student Fee Payments As Compared To Other Platforms Or Agencies?

    We help parents and students save on overseas education payments by eliminating the additional fees that are charged by banks and other financial institutions in the name of forex fees, transfer costs and exchange rates. With Instarem, there are no hidden charges and low cost. Hence, you save more on overseas fee payments and other education expenses. Here are a few important things that no one tells you about overseas money transfers for education:

    a) You can negotiate the conversion rate offered to you by service providers. They generally add 1-2% margin on the rate they quote to you. Clubbed with hidden fees and other charges, students/parents end up paying 2-3% more on overseas money transfers via such service providers.

    b) Student loan providers cannot force you to remit your money from a particular service provider. You have every right to choose a service provider that suits your needs.

    How Do I Save Money On International University Fee Payments With Instarem?

    a) Instarem gives you FX rates directly* sourced from Reuters and does not add any margins to it. In other words, Instarem offers you low cost money transfers

    b) Instarem charges you a nominal fee that ranges between 0.25% and 1%.

    c) Instarem believes in being transparent with its clients, hence, there are absolutely no hidden charges with Instarem. All the charges are displayed on the receipt and you know exactly the amount your recipient will get.

    Is It Safe To Send Overseas Tuition Fees Through Instarem?

    As a FinTech company, Instarem reports to a number of regulatory bodies globally, and just like banks and other financial institutions, we have preventive measures designed to safeguard your profile against unauthorised access, fraud and money laundering.

    Can I Send Fees Directly To The University?

    Yes, you can transfer the fees directly to the University account using Instarem. After the payment, make sure you notify the university about the payment via Instarem along with the IN number. Also, mention that it will be a local payment into the university’s account, and not a wire transfer directly from your sending country. We will keep you posted at every stage of the transaction, via emails and SMSes.

    Can I Send Money To My Own Account Abroad?

    Yes, Instarem allows you to send money to your own account.

    How Much Money Can I Transfer Via Instarem For Studying Overseas?

    Instarem transfers to and from multiple corridors. To find the sending limits from your country of origin, click here

    What Are SWIFT / NOSTRO Or Corresponding Bank Charges?

    When you make a wire transfer through a bank or an agency, there are additional charges of around USD 20 to USD 30. This additional amount is either deducted from your final amount or you are required to pay extra. With Instarem, there are no such charges. We offer you cost-effective money transfers to 55+ countries across the globe.

    We top up your account with 25 InstaPoints as soon as you Sign Up.

    InstaPoints are loyalty points that you can redeem against your transactions to give you a discount.

    More The InstaPoints, More The Discount.

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