amaze fees and rewards exclusions

amaze card related fees


Starting October 13, 2023, the below fee changes will come into effect:

    • amaze transaction fee of 1% (with a minimum fee of 0.50 SGD) will apply to select payments made in SGD with amaze linked to card. These include payments for insurance, healthcare, education, car dealers, and business services. Transactions made to these merchants with amaze linked to a wallet will remain free.
    • The current transaction fees on select merchants like GrabPay, prepaid cards and other e-wallet top-ups, will be reduced from 2% to 1% (with a minimum fee of 0.50 SGD) and are chargeable with amaze linked to a card as well as the wallet.
Annual FeesFree
Card issuanceFree
Card replacement and deliveryFree
FX (non-SGD) transactionsFree
Chargeable SGD transactions

1% fee (minimum 0.50 SGD) on transactions made in SGD to select merchants.

Note: Some SGD transactions that are linked to amaze wallet will not incur this fee.

See table below for more details.

amaze wallet top-up with MastercardFree
amaze wallet top-up with Visa card1.5% fee
amaze wallet top-up with PayNowFree
Overseas ATM cash withdrawal2% fee

Chargeable SGD transactions


amaze rewards exclusions

amaze payments to the below merchants are excluded from amaze rewards (InstaPoints/Cashback) eligibility.

However, you can earn unlimited InstaPoints on FX spends made on amaze at all other merchants, capped at 500 InstaPoints per FX transaction.