amaze fees

amaze card related fees


Starting 1st April 2024, the below fee changes will come into effect:

    • Change in 1% MCC fee:  1% MCC fee on domestic payments for security brokers, insurance, healthcare, education, car dealers, government and business services will be removed.



      • Payments that fall under MCC 6540 (e.g. E-wallet top ups) and MCC 4111 (EZ-Link wallet top-ups and TransitLink General Ticketing Machines only) will continue to incur a 1% MCC fee (min. 0.50 SGD).
      • To check the Merchant Category Code (MCC) of your amaze transactions, go to the ‘Activity’ tab on your app and tap on the specific transaction.

    • New 1% domestic fee on SGD transactions: When amaze is linked to a card, a 1% fee (min. 0.50 SGD) will be applied on all monthly domestic spending in excess of 1,000 SGD.


      • Alerts will be sent via email and push notification when your domestic spend is nearing the 1,000 SGD fee-free cap. You can also track your domestic spending in-app.
      • The 1,000 SGD limit applies to all your monthly domestic spending. This includes spends that have been refunded, and in some cases, where a merchant puts a temporary hold on your money before a purchase (pre-authorisation).
      • All domestic monthly spend below 1,000 SGD will remain fee-free.
      • All domestic monthly spend when amaze is linked to a wallet will remain fee-free.
      • International spending in foreign currencies will not incur this fee or count towards the 1,000 SGD fee-free cap.
Annual FeesFree
Card issuanceFree
Card replacement and deliveryFree
FX (non-SGD) transactionsFree
Domestic (SGD) transactions 

1% fee (minimum 0.50 SGD) on: 

  • Monthly domestic spending over 1,000 SGD with amaze linked to a card. 
  • All domestic payments to merchants with MCC 6540 (e.g. E-wallet top ups) and MCC 4111 (EZ-Link wallet top-ups and TransitLink General Ticketing Machines only) 
amaze wallet top-up with MastercardFree
amaze wallet top-up with Visa card1.5% fee
amaze wallet top-up with PayNowFree
Overseas ATM cash withdrawal2% fee

amaze rewards exclusions

amaze payments to the below merchants are excluded from amaze rewards (InstaPoints/Cashback) eligibility.

However, you can earn unlimited InstaPoints on FX spends made on amaze at all other merchants, capped at 500 InstaPoints per FX transaction.

Please note
: MCCs are assigned by payment card organisations (e.g. Visa, MasterCard). Instarem does not have a say in the assignation of these codes. A merchant’s registered MCC may not always correspond with its nature of business.