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Instarem Security

Our focus is to give our banked and unbanked clients access to financial products through our leading technology platform, thus fuelling our growth as the world's premier cross-border payments firm, powered by continuous innovation in our products which are secure by design.

User & Account Security

To keep your data safe and secure, we deploy encryption in transit as well as encryption at rest. We conduct security vulnerability assessments on our IT Infrastructure on a regular basis, and ensure vulnerabilities are fixed in a time bound manner. Instarem utilizes independent auditors for External Penetration Tests and other Security Scans. We employ encryption technologies at various levels to ensure safety and security of our accounts. With security features embedded in our product, its our constant effort to keep our customer's data and money safe.

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Infrastructure Security

Instarem runs services from AWS Cloud. We have implemented best in class security technologies to protect our IT infrastructure from cyber attacks:

  • We utilize industry leading firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention technologies, threat and vulnerability management tools to prevent us from cyber-attacks thus giving us complete insight into the organization's security environment.
  • We deploy anti-malware technologies, filtering solutions, traffic inspection tools to continuously monitor and analyse the security posture of our organization.


We are constantly audited by independent external auditors. Our processes are PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

Privacy Security

We care about our customers' privacy and we follow regulatory requirements. Privacy by design is one of the most important privacy principles, where we make significant efforts to implement controls for protection of customer information from the earliest stage of product development. For more info click here.

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We also support responsible disclosure of reporting for vulnerabilities. For more details, click here

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