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How does it work?

Transfer & Earn

Each money transfer will reward you with InstaPoints. The bigger the transaction amount the greater the number of points. See table below for values.


Redeem your InstaPoints as a discount on your future transfers to enjoy great savings.

Sender Country:

Currency Min. Transaction Value that Earns You 1 InstaPoint Min. Transaction Value for Redeeming InstaPoints InstaPoints that can be Redeemed per Transaction Redemption Value in Currency
SGD 100 500 100 - 400 S$1.25 - S$5
GBP 100 500 100 - 400 £1.8 - £7.2
USD 100 500 100 - 400 $2.5 - $10
MYR 300 1500 100 - 400 RM6 - RM24
INR 5000 25000 100 - 400 ₹200 - ₹800
HKD 600 3000 100 - 400 HK$8 - HK$32
EURO 100 500 100 - 400 €1.25 - €5
CAD 100 500 100 - 400 CAD 2.5 - CAD 10
AUD 100 500 100 - 400 A$2.5 - A$10

Redeeming your InstaPoints

The InstaPoints you accrue can be redeemed as a discount on the currency you wish to send to a recipient. You can redeem between 100 and 400 InstaPoints per transaction. There is no maximum number of InstaPoints you can accumulate over time.

Let’s take a look at a user example:

Amy transfers British pounds (GBP) to multiple recipients overseas. For every £100 Amy transfers abroad, she receives one InstaPoint.

When Amy transfers a minimum of £500, she can redeem her InstaPoints in the form of a discount on her next overseas money transfer.

When redeeming her InstaPoints, Amy can get a discount between £1.80 and £7.20 for redeeming 100-400 points on transactions worth £500 and above.

If Amy sends £500 overseas and redeems 400 InstaPoints (£7.20), that’s a discount of 1.44%. That handy saving keeps more of her money in her back pocket!

With the new amaze rewards program, every 2,000 InstaPoints = SGD 20 cashback will be made available in-app starting 1st October 2022. T&Cs apply.

More ways to earn InstaPoints


When you open an account with us, you get 25 InstaPoints to kickstart your Instarem journey. It's our little way of saying hello!

Want to score an extra 100 InstaPoints? Complete your e-verification in the first 36 hours after you sign up and they’re yours! T&Cs apply.


Refer a friend to us and earn 200 InstaPoints. Our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for the introduction!

Frequently asked questions

What are InstaPoints?

Consider InstaPoints like loyalty points that accrue over time in your Instarem account. You’ll earn InstaPoints for becoming a customer, making successful referrals for individual or business accounts, and making overseas money transfers with us.

How many InstaPoints can I redeem at once?

The minimum number of InstaPoints you can redeem is 100 in a single transaction. The maximum number of InstaPoints you can redeem in a single transaction is 400. If you have 1,200 InstaPoints in your account, you can redeem them across three or more transactions.

For how long are my InstaPoints valid?

Your InstaPoints are valid for up to six months. Make sure you use them before they expire – they can reduce the cost of your next international money transfer!

Can I cash in my InstaPoints?

You can only redeem your InstaPoints against future transactions with us.

Can I transfer my InstaPoints to someone else?

Any InstaPoints credited to your account can only be used by you.

We top up your account with 25 InstaPoints as soon as you Sign Up.

InstaPoints are loyalty points that you can redeem against your transactions to give you a discount.

More The InstaPoints, More The Discount.

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