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Sending money overseas doesn’t
have to be difficult and expensive.

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Give us the details of your recipient along with their bank account details. Once your ready, make the transfer from your bank account to the InstaReM account.

3Money Transferred!

It’s done! You will receive an email confirming details of the transfer, which you can also track on our portal. Sending money on a monthly basis? Setup recurring transfers with us and avail better FX rates and transaction fees

- features -

Speed of service is just as important as price. InstaReM offers same day or next day payments.
One of the main features of Instarem is Trust & Transparency. The receiver will get the exact amount, we promise!
Transferring money to overseas has become easier and secure with InstaReM. By choosing our remittance services, you can save up to 80% or even more on each transfer you make.

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Who doesn’t like rewards? Register with InstaReM and receive a bonus.
Its just a matter of 3 clicks! No matter where you are.
Peace of Mind
“72 hour refund policy in case your money doesn’t reach the beneficiary” T&C apply.

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