Ferry to Desaru: Guide to ferry prices and where to buy tickets

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19 Oct 2023
6 mins read
Written by Riona lye

Airplane tickets can be costly. If you’re seeking a travel destination that offers both relaxation and enjoyment, why not contemplate Desaru?


Wondering how to get there from Singapore without shelling out a fortune? Well, you’ll be delighted to know that you can indeed travel to Desaru from Singapore by ferry. This mode of transport not only offers a cost-effective solution but also provides a unique travel experience, allowing you to soak up the scenic beauty of the route.


So before you start typing “How to travel to Desaru from Singapore by ferry” into your Google search bar, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.


If you’re wondering about the ferry journey from Singapore to Desaru – which ferry terminal to use, the cost, and the duration – you’ve found the perfect source of information


Our comprehensive guide provides you with all the details you need to book your ferry from Singapore to Desaru, including pricing and important factors to keep in mind. 


Are we still traveling from Changi Ferry Terminal to Desaru?

As of July 2022, this ferry terminal is no longer operational.


In the past, there used to be a 30-minute ferry ride available from Changi Ferry Terminal to Desaru (specifically Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal in Kota Tinggi, Johor). Following that, a 30 to 45-minute drive was required to reach Desaru.


Okay, so how to get to Desaru from Singapore by ferry in 2023?

Tanah Merah ferry terminal


There’s a new route for the ferry, and it now operates from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.


So, is there any difference between Changi Ferry Terminal and Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal?

The travel duration between the Singapore Ferry terminals and Desaru (whether it’s Changi Ferry Terminal or Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal) doesn’t vary significantly.


The noticeable distinction lies in the advantage of having a more accessible ferry terminal – Tanah Merah. Furthermore, there are various transportation options available to reach Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.


Upon reaching Desaru Ferry Terminal, you’ll still need to utilise a shuttle bus to reach Desaru Coast, where all the thrilling activities take place.


Ferry tickets to Desaru- Where to buy?

You have the option to buy your ferry tickets from BatamFast, which is the same ferry operator that also runs ferries to Batam. So what is BatamFast? Batamfast operates a total of 26 ferries daily, offering 80 departure times across 4 routes between 6 ferry terminals.


Simply visit the Batamfast website, look up your preferred travel dates, and complete the payment process.


Singapore to Desaru ferry price

The ferry ticket prices include charges such as departure fees and additional costs. A single journey ticket for adults is approximately 70 SGD, while a round-trip ticket costs around 108 SGD for adults.


Below you’ll find the pricing tables detailing ferry charges from Tanah Merah Terminal.


One way ticket from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Desaru


Breakdown in SGD 



Departure fee 




Total cost 


Two way ticket from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Desaru 


Breakdown in SGD 



Departure fee 




Total cost 


How to purchase Singapore to Desaru ferry ticket through Batamfast?

To buy ferry tickets to Desaru, follow these steps through Batamfast:

  1. Choose your region: Malaysia.
  2. Select your route: “Tanah Merah to Desaru” for travel from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.
  3. Pick your departure date.
  4. Enter the number of adult and child tickets required.
  5. Choose the “Economy” class option.
  6. Click “Search Availability.”
  7. Proceed as a guest or sign up for a Batamfast account.
  8. Provide passenger details, including passport information, email, and mobile phone number.
  9. Complete your payment.


After your payment is verified, you will receive an email containing your booking number and particulars.


On the day of your travel for your SG to Desaru ferry, remember to have a hard copy of your booking number. This will allow them to issue your boarding pass upon your arrival.


How long does it take to travel to Desaru Ferry Terminal?

The complete trip lasts approximately 90 minutes. Upon arrival, you’ll get off at the Desaru Ferry Terminal.


From there, you have the option of three shuttle buses that travel throughout Desaru Coast, stopping at all the attractions and hotels. Just make sure you board the correct shuttle bus for your destination.


Other things to take note of…

While you’re looking up “how to get from Singapore to Desaru by ferry,” it’s a good idea to learn the routes to access each ferry terminal.


This is particularly important since reaching both terminals can be a bit challenging.


And don’t forget there is only a limited number of operating slots available either from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal or Desaru Ferry Terminal. If you happen to miss one of these slots, you’ll need to wait until the following day for the next available slot – unless it’s a Sunday, in which case the next ferry would be on Thursday.


Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Desaru departure time
  • Operating days: Thursday to Sunday
  • Time: 8:30am
  • Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Location: 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Rd, Singapore 498833
  • How to get there: Get off the train at either Bedok or Tanah Merah MRT Station, then catch SBS Service number 35, which is headed towards Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.


Desaru to Singapore ferry departure time
  • Operating days: Thursday to Sunday
  • Time: 5:30pm
  • Desaru Ferry Terminal location: Jalan Dermaga, Desaru Coast, 81930 Bandar Penawar, Johor, Malaysia


Here’s the route and schedule of the free shuttle bus to Desaru Ferry Terminal


Departure from Ferry Terminal Tanjung Belungkor 

Departure from Riverside 

Departure from Hard Rock 

Departure from Westin 

10:30 am 

11: 15 am 

11: 25 am 

11: 30 am 

9: 00 pm 

10:40 pm 

10:50 pm 

10:00 pm 

Can you board the ferry to Desaru with car?

Regrettably, the SG to Desaru ferry only accommodates passengers, bicycles, golf bags, and odd-sized items. Cars are not eligible for transport.


If you’re interested, you have the option to drive into Malaysia from Johor Bahru and make your way to Desaru. The drive is expected to take around 2 hours or even less.


Before you go…

Heading to Desaru?


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