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Seamless Payments
Across Borders

What is Instarem Masspay?

A configurable, multi-featured platform
to make high volume payments globally

Why Instarem?

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  • Cost Effective
  • Speed
  • Ease
  • Transparency
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  • Close to market rates with
    no hidden costs.
  • Typically same day
    transfer within Asia
  • Offer collation of funds without
    local presence for the entity.
  • Know the exact rates used
    for your money transfer
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  • Banks charge anywhere from
    2-4% on FX + SWIFT charges
  • Takes up to 2-4 days for
    eventual transfer of funds
  • SMEs must create various
    entities in different countries
  • Post-facto update on the exact
    amount of funds received
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Masspay in action

Easy Tech Integration &
Business API Access

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Multi Lingual
Multi Currency
Multi Client
Maker Checker
Multi Payment Processor
World Check integration
Multi Currency Account
GL for Clients
Inbuilt Compliance Engine
Configurable Margin Management
Configurable Reporting
Auto Book FX
Regulatory Black List (MAS)
Black List
White List
Watch List Management
InstaRem offers the quick, secure and cost-effective services for international money transfer from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore... Our international remittance services are the smart way to transfer funds for individuals and business customers who wish to address monetary emergencies at home or in business. Our customers don’t just send money to their loved ones but also save money on every transaction. We are also fast to make your transfer because we send money the same day or within one business day with lowest exchange rates, 0% transaction fee and no hidden charges, you will not just send money but also save money with us. Say YES to the secure, quick and cost-effective international money transfers.