blog imageInsiderFrom climate challenges to green solutions: Join Instarem, Mastercard, and the tree-powered movement to restore our planet

Don’t you just love the cool touch of a summer breeze or the soothing sounds of rain? But let’s face it, Mother Nature can be quite dramatic sometimes. One moment it’s sunshine and rainbows, the next, it starts raining and flooding happens. As much as these are part of natural phenomena, human activities have also ...

08 Dec 20233 mins read
blog imageInsiderEnabling seamless cross-border transactions for AECC Global, an education consultancy

In light of COVID-19, education consultancies see an increasing need for fast and secure payments. Here's how AECC Global has expanded its payment capabilities with Instarem for Business.

07 Dec 20235 mins read
blog imageExpat life10 new year traditions from around the world

From eating lucky foods to wearing special underwear, people around the world have all sorts of traditions designed to bring them good fortune in the new year.

06 Dec 202310 mins read
blog imageInsiderCross-border payment: what you need to know

With the forecast growth of global e-commerce, here’s why it is crucial for your business to use a cross-border payment system to stay competitive.

04 Dec 20234 mins read
blog imageInsiderRecurring transfers: Instarem’s simple solution for smart money transfers 

If you’re in Singapore, we’ve got some fantastic news for you! Instarem has introduced a new feature that allows you to schedule your money transfers in advance. With this feature, you can now plan and repeat transfers according to your needs, ensuring your financial transactions are smooth and hassle-free. Take control of your payments Whether ...

01 Dec 20233 mins read
blog imageInsiderInstarem introduces your shortcut to sending money to Malaysia: via DuitNow ID

Sending money to Malaysia has never been this easy! Using Instarem to send money to a DuitNow ID ensures a remarkably swift and convenient process, particularly beneficial for those who regularly send funds to their family and friends in Malaysia or transfer money to their own bank account or wallet connected to a DuitNow ID ...

01 Dec 20234 mins read
blog imageExpat life10 terrific reasons to study in Europe 

For students, particularly those aspiring to study abroad, Europe is a particularly attractive destination, thanks to its well-deserved reputation as a hub of academic excellence. Here are a few reasons that make Europe the destination for students.

30 Nov 202310 mins read
blog imageExpat life10 spectacular cities to visit on New Year’s Eve

As we countdown to 2023, it’s time to start planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations! Here are 10 great cities to ring in the new year.

27 Nov 20239 mins read
blog imageExpat lifeHow much does it cost to live in Singapore: A comprehensive guide

Singapore, often referred to as the Lion City, is a bustling metropolis known for its soaring skyscrapers, lush greenery, and vibrant blend of cultures. This island nation has consistently ranked as one of the most liveable cities globally, attracting expatriates, students, and professionals from around the world. But what does it cost to live in ...

25 Nov 202313 mins read