How InstaReM Makes Payments In Just Seconds

How InstaReM Makes Payments In Just Seconds

Our updated intelligent payments routing platform was implemented in April 2019 with the aim of making international payments even faster. It has a configurable rules engine which determines the optimum route for a payment to be delivered in real-time via a partner based on time and cost delivery considerations.  

Its intelligent automated routing means it can try different partners in a corridor in the event a particular partner is unable to deliver the payment. This ensures payment is delivered straight-through and in the most efficient way possible. We’ve also removed manual touchpoints to speed up the process. 

Since being introduced, according to timings captured from our payment processor, a typical month saw 63,778 payments made in 0-10 seconds, with a further 36,198 payments made in under a minute. That’s a total of nearly 100,000 payments made in less than 60 seconds. 

No. Of Payments  Time Taken To Transfer 
63,778  0-10 seconds 
36,198  10 seconds-1 minute 
14,874  1-3 minutes 
24,329  3-10 minutes 
25,845  10 minutes-2 hours 
37,274  Same Day Transfers 
4,985  Next-Day Transfers 

To put this into context, with our previous payment processor, no payments were made inside a minute. Taking data from a typical week in before our latest technology was introduced – against data from a typical week since – the difference is clear to see. 

Since our new payment processor was implemented, in the space of a typical week we were able to make 13,674 payments within 3 minutes – that compares with just 11 payments made in a typical week beforehand.

Transfer Time  Upgraded Payment Processor   Previous Payment Processor  
10 seconds-1 minute  1,504  0 
1-3 minutes  12,173  11 
3-10 minutes  8,177  172 
10 minutes -2 hours  7,016  3,141 
Same Day  28,175  29,462 
Next Day  28,590  25,806 

The new system is more resilient since – depending on the error – it tries to process failed payments through multiple partners before returning the payment to a manual operations queue.  

If partner systems go down, it adapts its decision-making to not send any traffic to a partner system that is currently down. Once the partner system recovers, our platform recognises this and starts sending payments again. The completely automated and self-healing system can handle failures that happen from time to time. 

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