To Milestones And Greater Things To Come

03 Jan 2018
2 mins read
Written by Team Instarem
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    On behalf of Team InstaReM, I would like to wish each one of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

    When we started not-so-long-ago in March 2015, we had little clue that come 2018, we’d be one of the largest digital cross-border payment companies in the region; that we’ll grow quickly from 3 licenses (Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong) to 8 (with new licenses in US, Europe, Canada, India and Malaysia), and a 4-people start-up team would grow to a 120-strong global team!

    This transformation wouldn’t have been possible without your support. A big Thank You to each one of you for standing by our side and making us what we are today!

    Thanks to your constant support, InstaReM is getting noticed on the right platforms. In 2017, we received multiple accolades including Singapore Fintech Festival 2017 & India Fintech Awards 2017. We have also been featured in leading media such as WSJBloomberg and numerous other media publications, for the value we bring to our clients across the globe.

    Transparency and Customer Experience are at the core of InstaReM.

    We switched to Real-Time rates in September 2017. No more margins on FX rates and no hidden costs, which are so typical of the remittance industry. With us, you get the same rates that you see on Reuters and Google. Period. We continue to get a big thumbs up from our customers for our move.

    Your remittance experience with us is the most important metric of our success. We realized that we needed to upgrade our tech platform to provide a better experience to you. I can assure you that we have been listening to you and working tirelessly on that front, and in 2018, you would soon experience a new platform — one which would enable quicker on-boarding, faster payments processing, and a slew of soon-to-be announced features that would enhance your remittance experience with InstaReM.

    We have always valued your feedback and remain open to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me on any forum. We would only succeed when we deliver beyond your expectations.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support. Our journey would be incomplete without you.

    Once again, I wish you and your near & dear ones a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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