Receive international business payments

Get paid easily in USD, AUD, SGD, HKD, JPY, NZD, EUR, and GBP without the hefty costs or the need to open local bank accounts. 

Why use Instarem

Convenience at your fingertips

Collect global payments easily and convert funds at competitive rates.

Absolute transparency

Track your transactions every step of the way with peace of mind.

Secure and reliable

Regulated, licensed, and built on industry-leading technology.

How you can use Instarem

Get paid for your services

Receive payments from your customers around the world, in your local currency.

Sell goods and services globally

Receive payments in multiple currencies, all in a single Instarem account.

Intra-company transfers

Move money quickly and securely across your business in different locations.

Start collecting global payments in 3 steps


Transparent rates. Low fees. No surprise costs.

What you see is what you pay. Our rates are fair, our fees are low and above all we are transparent, so you see what you are paying for with every transaction.

Exchange rates

Experience exceptional value for your transaction with our industry-leading FX rates.


Benefit from unparalleled cost savings with our low fees, often up to 5X cheaper than banks.

No extra charges

We don't impose setup or subscription fees, nor are there any hidden charges to surprise you.

Ready to grow your business

Tap into our expertise to streamline your payments, boost your operations, and scale your business.  .


We are just a click away. Reach out now if you want to hear more.  

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Pay your overseas suppliers or employees across 160+ countries and save money with great FX rates and low fees. 


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