How Instarem keeps your money safe & secure

Small and medium businesses face a myriad of challenges when it comes to managing cross-border payments, but Instarem is here to simplify the process. With the Instarem business payments platform you can pay, get paid, and manage your money across borders, efficiently, regardless of where it’s going.


As a global payments company that is licensed and regulated in more than ten jurisdictions, we recognise the importance of ensuring the safety of the funds you have entrusted us with.


Instarem is regulated in multiple markets across the globe.


Instarem is subject to oversight by financial regulators in multiple markets where we are licensed. In markets where we are not ourselves licensed, we have partnered with regulated financial institutions and are subject to the supervision and oversight of our partners.


Learn more about where we are regulated here.

How we hold client funds

Instarem is committed to safeguarding client funds in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Instarem is required by applicable regulations in multiple key markets where we are licensed to implement strict safeguarding arrangements that are designed to protect client funds.

Outside of these markets, Instarem maintains accounts that are used to hold (1) client funds and (2) additional liquidity utilised to facilitate transactions on behalf of clients. We do not use these accounts, or the funds held in them, other than in connection with processing transactions on behalf of our clients.

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