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Auto-Cancellation Timeframes

Our rate lock-in period depends on the payment method and varies from country to country. If the funds are not provided within the specified time, the transaction gets auto-cancelled. Please refer to the table below for the country-specific payment methods and their auto-cancellation timeframes:

Country Payment method Auto-cancellation time in hours, excluding weekends
Individual Corporate
Australia Poli 2 NA
PayID 36 36
Bank Transfer 48 48
Singapore Paynow 36 36
Bank Transfer 36 36
Credit / Debit Cards 2 -
Malaysia FPX 2 2
Bank Transfer 36 36
Hong Kong Bank Transfer 36 36
Debit Cards 2 NA
India Bank Transfer 48 NA
Set up Instarem as payee 12 days 12 days
Wire 48 48
Canada Bank Transfer 36 NA
United Kingdom Bank Transfer 36 36
Cards 2 2

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