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InstaReM is an international funds transfer company that helps you transfer funds overseas across 50+ countries. InstaReM uses international bank transfer and wire transfer to transfer your money overseas. We have been licensed in Australia by ASIC (AFS License No. 464627), Singapore by The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS License: RA No. 01420) and in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Customs Excise Department (License No.: 16-01-01797).

Whether you have to send money overseas for business or personal needs, or are receiving money from overseas we make your global money transfer experience a hassle-free and cost-effective one. Any international transfer takes us one or two business days and all international funds transfer involve low remittance fees. All you need to do to transfer funds overseas is follow a 3-step process and we take care of the rest of the process to remit your money. You can choose to make global money transfer through our money transfer website or our international money transfer app. Even if you are receiving money from overseas, it is sent directly to your account. We ensure that your money transfer, wire transfer or international bank transfer done through our website or international money transfer app happens seamlessly.

From Australia we send money to USA, India, UK and other European Countries, Vietnam, Philippines and more. From Singapore we transfer funds to Malaysia, India, Europe, USA, Indonesia and UK and more.From Hong Kong we transfer money to USA, Europe, UK, Indonesia, Philippines, India and more.

What's more: We give you Real-Time FX rates, speedy transfers & first time transfer bonus!

Countries we serve in Asia:

Send Money To Bangladesh | Send Money To Hongkong |  Send Money To India  |  Send Money To Indonesia  |  Send Money To Nepal  |  Send Money To Philippines  |  Send Money To Singapore  |  Send Money To Srilanka  |  Send Money To Thailand  |  Send Money To Vietnam |  Send Money to Malaysia

Countries we serve in Europe:

Send Money To Belgium  |  Send Money To Estonia  |  Send Money To Finland  |  Send Money To France Send Money To Germany  |  Send Money To Greece  |  Send Money To Ireland  |  Send Money To Italy Send Money To Luxembourg  |  Send Money To Malta  |  Send Money To Netherland  |  Send Money To Portugal  |  Send Money To Spain  |  Send Money To Uk  |  Send Money To Denmark

Countries we serve in North America:

Send Money To Canada |  Send Money To USA

Countries we serve in Oceania:

Send Money To Australia