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Low Cost
InstaReM charges nominal fees on your money transfers. Our competitive rates are sourced from Reuters.
Fast & Easy Transfers
Sign up, verify your account and get transacting. Recipient typically gets the money in 1-2 business days.
Loyalty Points
Earn bonus InstaPoints upon joining and each time you transfer. Redeem them against your transactions.
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Transferring Money to Over 3.21 Billion People
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InstaRem Custmer Video
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InstaReM Review

  • The Overall Experience Was Seamless
    The overall experience was seamless right from the account set up until the first amount transfer phase. The UI is very simple and easy to follow. Thanks for good service.
    Rashmi Krishnamoorthy Pandyar
  • Exceptional Value!!
    Exceptional value for remittance with best exchange rate period! Transparency redefined. Thanks for saving remitters from banker loots.
  • Happy Customer :)
    Using the InstaReM service for over 2 years and really happy with the fast transactions and the payment portal is pretty much straightforward and easy to use. Would definitely recommend to others.
    Sijilraj Rajagopal
  • Seamless Experience
    I have been using InstaReM for more than two years now and I have constantly found the best exchange rates on the website. To add to that, the commission is low as well. I started with Western Union and due to some issue did one transaction with InstaReM and have never looked back since. Highly recommended.
    Himanshu Mishra
  • Excellent Service, Best In Australia
    I am using InstaReM since 2016. It's not only because they offer best rate and lowest charges, also I found it faster and they offer better customer service than a lot of other service providers. I honestly recommend them for anyone who wants to send money overseas.
    Sauvik Podder
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What does InstaReM do?
    InstaReM is a leading digital cross border payments company which enables consumers, Small and Medium Enterprises and financial institutions to make international money transfers at a low cost. We were founded in 2014 in Singapore with licenses and offices in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, USA, Canada and EU.
  2. Why use InstaReM over a bank or any other Money Transfer Operator (MTO)?
    Transferring money overseas through banks and MTOs can be an expensive affair since they add unfair margins to FX rates and have hidden fees. Sometimes it's not even clear what the recipient's actually going to receive! At InstaReM, we are bringing transparency to the otherwise obscure world of international money transfers. We offer you low cost money transfers. Our competitive rates are sourced from Reuters, and add minimal markup to it. We charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of processing your transaction. We also maintain complete transparency and give you an accurate breakup of your transfer. In fact World Bank remittance site has consistently rated InstaReM as #1 cost-effective money transfer provider from Australia and Singapore to multiple countries.
  3. How do I create an account with InstaReM?
    Account creation is easy. You just need to signup with your email ID or Google / Facebook ID. Click here to create an account.
  4. How much fees does InstaReM charge?
    Our fees differ from countries and corridors of transfers with typical fees varying between 0% to 1%. The fees are subject to change and can be reviewed at any given time on the InstaReM currency converter.
  5. Can I open an InstaReM account for business?
    Yes, you can. All you need to do is register as a business while signing up with us.
  6. Is my money safe with InstaReM?
    InstaReM is a licensed service provider with licenses in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, US, EU and Canada. Moreover we maintain complete transparency to give you better control over your transactions and our thorough verification processes ensure that your money is safe with us and reaches the right recipients.

InstaReM is an international money transfer company that helps you transfer funds overseas across many countries. InstaReM uses international bank transfer and wire transfer to transfer your money overseas. We have been licensed in Australia by ASIC (AFS License No. 464627), Singapore by The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS License: RA No. 01582) and in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Customs Excise Department (License No.: 16-01-01797).

Whether you have to send money overseas for business or personal needs, or are receiving money from overseas we make your global money transfer experience a hassle-free and cost-effective one. Any international transfer takes us one or two business days and all international funds transfer are at Low Cost. All you need to do to transfer funds overseas is follow a 3-step process and we take care of the rest of the process to remit your money. You can choose to make global money transfer through our money transfer website or our international money transfer app. We ensure that your money transfer, wire transfer or international bank transfer done through our website or international money transfer app happens seamlessly.

From Australia we send money to USA, India, UK and other European Countries, Vietnam, Philippines and more. From Singapore we transfer funds to Malaysia, India, Europe, USA, Indonesia and UK and more.From Hong Kong we transfer money to USA, Europe, UK, Indonesia, Philippines, India and more.

What's more: We give you low cost money transfers, speedy transfers & InstaPoints on each transfer and referral!

We top up your account with 75 InstaPoints as soon as you Sign Up.

InstaPoints are loyalty points that you can redeem against your transactions to give you a discount.

More The InstaPoints, More The Discount.

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While sending 1,500 SGD to
  • INR
  • IDR
  • MYR
  • GBP
  • USD
  • 79,061.81
  • 78,540.00
  • 78,862.09
  • 78,186.08
  • 78,649.33
  • 15,345,991.00
  • 15,227,430.00
  • 15,328,106.00
  • 15,000,000.00
  • 15,151,515.15
  • 4,535.30
  • 4,515.00
  • 4,523.91
  • -
  • -
  • 846.30
  • 840.00
  • 844.96
  • 839.82
  • 840.24
  • 1,108.29
  • 1,110.00
  • 1,107.62
  • 1,105.71
  • 1,105.54
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At InstaReM we're transparent with you. There are no hidden charges. We charge only a nominal fee. And what's more, FX rates directly sourced from Reuters with minimal markups added. Data collected for SGD 1,500 on 31 December 2019.

*Amounts taken are for non-discounted transfers.

Sources: Respective Company Websites Register With Us