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Whether its clothes for his sister, tuition fees for medical degrees, a necklace for mum or simply helping a mate pay for a wedding, InstaReM helps software engineer, Raghu, maintain his support to loved ones back home in Andapuri.
  • Tell us a little about yourself

  • My name is Raghu, I’m from Andhra Pradesh, South India. I’m a software engineer here in Australia.

    I moved to Australia for its challenges, lifestyle, culture and a lot more.

    Just last year I got married in India and now I live here with my wife, in fact, we’ve got out first year anniversary coming up!

  • Do you have any family back home in India?

  • I have a big family back home in India. I have my parents and my sister, and my in-laws. It’s a big family, and my family and my in-laws are always close to each other.

    I like to stay in touch with them all, I call them every day and I share everything with them. I send them photographs, videos, everything. I like them to see what I’m experiencing here. They live there, what I live here.

  • How often do you send money back to India?

  • I send money back to India every month.

  • What are the main reasons you send money back home?

  • There are a lot of reasons I send money back home. I have family there, I have friends there and I do care for them, I love them, that’s why I send money back.

    I send money back home for gifts, for financial support and education. I supported my sister’s education and now I’m going to support my brother-in-law’s.

    My sister completed a Masters degree and now she’s going to do a PhD and my brother-in-law is also going to do a Masters in medical sciences, he’s going to be a doctor, so I need to support him.

    My sister also loves shopping and she loves buying electronic gadgets and clothes for herself and she loves shopping on the money that I send her! She loves it and so do I.

  • What sort of ways do you help your parents?

  • My dad is retired so I like to support him in his retirement to give him that little bit of luxury that I have here in Australia.

    I like my dad to have a nice car to drive in and to have a comfortable, luxurious life, one that he cannot afford on his own.

    Recently I bought a necklace for my mum too and she loves it!

  • You also like to help friends out. Can you give us an example of using InstaReM to support friends?

  • I have a friend who takes care of his two sisters and he’s responsible for them. One of his sisters is getting married and marriage is a grand style thing in India so he needs money. He’s been a good friend of mine for the past eight years and I feel it’s my obligation to support him.

  • So, how did you find out about InstaReM?

  • I found out about InstaReM through one of my friends who referred me to them. From then on I’ve only been using InstaReM.

  • Would you recommend InstaReM to your community?

  • I’d definitely recommend InstaReM to my friends and family, because it’s fast, safe and secure.