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10 Offbeat Things People Do To Save Money

Offbeat Ways To Save Money
Offbeat Ways To Save Money
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Money can’t buy happiness, but it surely helps one earn a comfortable life for themselves and their loved ones. From hiding away little pennies in a tin box as a child, to entrusting the government and private institutions with our hard earned money as adults; we’ve always been told to save for a better tomorrow. Considering the escalating prices of everyday products and the ever-slimming chances of winning the lottery, money will remain a blessing as long as it is saved properly. So, how far would you go to save it?

Even if you’ve got a trick or two up your sleeve, here are some quirky things people do to save money:

1. Keep A Time Limit For Your Shopping: If you’ve read Confessions Of A Shopaholic, you’d understand the challenges of being one. The magical spell of brands and labels forces people to make impulsive decisions. Before you actually realise, you’ve overspent and invested in something of very low value in the long run. Thus, try spending no more than 30 minutes to make better purchases and control your habit of extravagant buying.

2. Reuse/Recycle Disposable Items: Some people will never be ready to buy new things. Whether it is furniture, electrical appliances or objects of daily use; people are ready to research for second-hand articles that are holding their shape and can still be put to use. People are actually convinced on saving a decent amount of money by reusing disposable items such as bottles, one-day contact lenses, plastic silverware, plastic takeout containers, Ziploc bags and much more. Adopt this saving habit!

3. Turn Your Engine Off At The Red Light: This is one of the easiest ways to save your money. The red light on the road is one such site where there is no actual movement of the vehicle, but the most amount of fuel is wasted. People burn their car fuel unnecessarily and need refill regularly. A change of this habit will not only help you save money, but also save the environment.

4. Go To Bed Earlier: Ever thought of saving up by wishing ‘Good Night’ early? Well, it’s truly possible. The world is brimming with technology improvements that are slowly gaining control over us. For example, people waste an enormous amount of electricity by continuously charging their phones, tablets, etc. to keep up with social media or chat with friends during odd hours. Some who are used to watching late night TV often doze off on the couch without turning it off. To keep the bills under control, one should practice going to bed earlier and find a better time for their recreational activities.

5. Make Friends With Thrifty People: This may feel odd but people who have done it often swear by it. As humans, we learn a lot from our environment, especially from how people behave around us. If you’re a spendthrift, then making friends with thrifty people can work positively for you and help you keep your spending habits in check. Moreover, you can learn new methods to save efficiently from these friends.

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6. Use The 30-day Rule Before You Decide To Buy Something: This may seem like a long wait but it leads to some smart shopping. Let’s understand how this works. If you find something amazing at a store and are dying to buy it, place it back on the shelf right away and leave. Once back home, write about the product, the price and other important details on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you can review it every day. Do this for the next thirty days and if the urge persists, consider purchasing it. Honestly, if you can’t really start with the 30-day Rule straightaway, consider a 15-day Rule. 7-day Rule?

7. Stick To Your List When You Go To The Supermarket: Supermarkets are no less than a Disneyland. With a plethora of products and exciting deals, it is very easy to suffer through a shopper’s dilemma. Hoping to grab the best deals, overspending comes across as the evident mistake one can make. Though there is no harm in trying a new thing or two, one should stick to the items and their quantities in the grocery or shopping list for better savings.

8. Eat At Home More Often: Fine-dining restaurants, cafes, open-kitchens, resto-bars, food trucks, street food – what has taken your fancy lately? With so many food options available outside, getting lured by their different taste, exotic presentations and ambience they offer is completely natural. If it becomes a habit, it can easily make you run out of money. And why just consider yourself? Frequent outings with friends and families outside the home can drain your earnings too fast too soon.

9. Hit That Unsubscribe Button: This is quite an unconventional yet effective way to save money. You purchased something online, which is fine. Perhaps you have plans to never to return to the same website for shopping but guess what! The junk emails from the website are sure to trash all your plans. They show up in your inbox from time to time with lucrative offers, amazing deals, and great discounts. And resisting these goodies is easier said than done. The coupons and discount percentages are all tricks to make you shop more. Thus, if you have taken a pledge to save money, make sure you unsubscribe such emails and newsletters. Mark them as spam if need be.

10. Spend Less Money Than You Make: If you’re spending more than you earn, it is just bad math. You will always be short of money. Some individuals get so relaxed with a decent flow of regular cash that they spend it carelessly without thinking of the repercussions. It’s good to have a secure job and a definite source of income every month. But one should always make efforts to value the money and save it up for future use.

Earning money is easy and spending it all is even easier. So, if proper measures are not taken, one can end up losing a substantial amount of their earnings which further leads to unnecessary financial problems. If you are someone who ends up splurging often, these sure-fire ways of saving can help you live more responsibly.

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