4 Emojis Of Overseas Money Transfers

17 Jul 2018
3 mins read
Written by Team Instarem
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    In the last 4 years of being in the remittance business, we at InstaReM have realised that overseas money transfers are not devoid of emotions – in fact, money transfers are charged with a range of emotions. We have seen them all – from the joy of a rate surge to the frustration of an incomplete transfer.

    This World Emoji Day, InstaReM is launching InstaMojis to celebrate the many emotions of money transfers.

    6 Emojis Of Money TransferArrrgggghh!! Yes, we know how that feels. A desirable FX rate is here now and gone in no time. That’s infuriating and how! But we have a solution for that!

    You can sign up for the InstaReM FX Rate Watch. If you have a certain FX rate in mind between a currency pair, you can set an alert. We will notify you as soon as the currencies hit the rate of your choice.
    Also, you can sign up for our daily rate alert and keep a close watch on the rate of a currency pair. Choose your desired currency pair(s) and we will send you the rates every morning.

    6 Emojis Of Money Transfer

    The moment all remitters wait for! Whether you are sending money to your family back home or paying for an investment or for your business, being able to send more is a joy beyond words!
    Thus, we, at InstaReM, enable you to send more and save more, so you can #DoMore.

    We did a little dance ourselves at InstaReM the first time we realised this. There are many remittance service providers in the market who offer good rates and no fees. But what really matters is the value you get out of the money sent.

    6 Emojis Of Money Transfer

    If you must make a scheduled transfer, there is nothing that spoils the day more than having to send money at an undesirable rate. While there is very little that we can do to help such unfair situations, InstaReM ensures you get the most out of your money even under such circumstances. With our competitive FX rates and a nominal fee, you can be sure to save more on your overseas transfers.

    We endeavour to help you look beyond the grief and look at the brighter side!

    6 Emojis Of Money TransferWe receive a few frustrated emails and phone calls from our patrons/clients inquiring about their incomplete transfers. Guilty as charged! We admit that we may not be able to live up to our time-commitment all the time. Sometimes it’s just living by the regulations of the countries we operate in. We might need additional verification for instance. Sometimes, the very technology that gives us an edge, may fail us due to a feature update that’s gone awry. But stay absolutely assured, we are not hoarding your money. We process a transaction right after its set up. To ensure the safety of your money your transaction goes through multiple checks and that’s where the delays occur.

    Not being able to delight our patrons frustrates us as much as it does to them. But we are getting better with time. We’re sure the instances of frustration will be passé soon! 

    About Instarem

    Instarem stands at the forefront of international money transfer services, facilitating fast and secure transactions for both individuals and businesses. Our platform offers competitive exchange rates for popular currency pairs like USD to INR, SGD to INR, and AUD to INR. If you're looking to send money to India or transfer funds to any of 60+ global destinations, Instarem makes it easy for you. We are dedicated to simplifying cross-border payments, providing cutting-edge technology that support individuals and businesses alike in overcoming traditional fiscal barriers normally associated with banks. As a trusted and regulated brand under the umbrella of the Fintech Unicorn Nium Pte. Ltd., and its international subsidiaries, Instarem is your go-to for reliable global financial exchanges. Learn more about Instarem.

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