Black Friday 2023: 6 tips to make the best out of overseas shopping deals

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27 Oct 2023
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Written by Team Instarem

We’re counting down to another big shopping sale day – Black Friday.


This year’s Black Friday falls on 24th November 2023.


Before we get into the tips, let’s take a look back at the origins of Black Friday.


What is Black Friday?

Originated from the United States, Black Friday happens the day after Thanksgiving Day.


Most Americans will be taking time off on Thursday and Friday – to go out shopping with their family.


American retailers noticed the trend. And hence decided to make it a big shopping event. They took the opportunity to introduce big sales to mark the start of Christmas Shopping. And with the rise of globalism, this trend has spread across the globe.


Now that we have completed the history of Black Friday, let’s jump forward to the tips.


Create a list and budget

With all the sale going on, it’s tough not to get tempted to buy things that you don’t need. If you want to stay focused on savings and buying things that you need, create a list and budget.


If you’re overseas, best to head down to the shop a week before, and find out if there are other shops offering similar deals. So that in case the item is sold out, you have a backup plan.


Get ready on Thursday night

If you’re planning on spending Black Friday overseas, be prepared to start queueing early.


In many parts of the world, Black Friday is an opportunity to snag some incredible deals on essential items. But it’s also a day of mayhem and madness, as shoppers jostle for position and battle it out for the best bargains.


So if you’re hoping to avoid the crowds, make sure you set your alarm and be ready to queue from the crack of dawn. And don’t forget to wear your comfortable shoes – you’ll be on your feet for quite a while.


That includes:

  • Queuing to get into the malls
  • Standing in line to get into the shop
  • Running around to find the products and deals
  • And queuing up again to make payment


Sounds tiring right?


If you have poor stamina for shopping, then best to also take time off on a Friday to recover from Thursday’s mayhem.


Shop online

Can’t fly overseas? Squeezing with the crowd isn’t your thing? Then take your shopping online instead. Deals can start as early as five days before Black Friday.


Beware of misleading sales. Reddit users have highlighted that some products are actually the same price before the sale started.


For example, before the sale, product A costs $99. During the sale, product A shows that it is currently at 50% off with the final price of $99.


To prevent that from happening, take screenshots of the list of items you want to get a week before the sale begins. That also includes similar items and deals from other websites. Then create a spreadsheet to keep track of the pricing and the deals. Yes, we are taking penny pinching to a whole new level – it’s called being a smart shopper.


It’s less about the numerical discounts and more about the final price that you are paying.


Explore brands like amazon, Newegg, ASOS and more, to milk better deals.


The only caveat: expect delivery only after Christmas.


Read the exchange and return policy

Take note that all brands have different policies.


Sale items or inner wear items are often stated as non-exchangeable or non-returnable. Some brands allow you to return at any outlets within the stipulated period.


And even the same brand can also have different policies for online and physical shops.


For items bought online, shoppers have to pack the items and fork out courier fees on their own.


Too much of a hassle? Sell your items via Carousell to “recoup” your losses.


Use amaze

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