6 Money Tips To Ponder Over While Planning An Overseas Wedding

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09 Feb 2018
4 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

Planning for a wedding at an overseas destination can be a Herculean task. There is no denial of the fact that having a wedding abroad can certainly drain your resources. While it tends to make you feel overwhelmed, it also limits your ability to spend. Having the right strategy is essential to avoid unnecessary stressful situations as the wedding day nears. The effort that goes into coordinating the multitude of aspects will no longer be exhausting, if you follow these basic, yet smart tips.

1. Select The Vendors Yourself

The first step towards saving money is to take full charge of your wedding. Start experimenting by getting out of your comfort zone and handpicking merchants on your own according to your specific requirements. Communicating directly with the vendor will help you crack the best deals and also save on the agent’s commission. Do your homework and get in touch with multiple vendors offering similar services. Since you cannot physically inspect their work, relying on online sources calls for extra caution. Make sure that the images shown by the vendors are close to what they intend to offer.

2. Break Down The Budget

You have limited resources, don’t you? The best way to manage them is to stratify the budget clearly marking the limits of every category. This will help in getting a fair idea of how much has to be spent on the individual components. The budget will provide a definite framework and also a starting point for the wedding preparations. A daily budget should also be formulated for the days of your stay abroad.

3. Prefer A Cheaper Venue That’s A Little Away

Research, research and research! While selecting the venue, don’t settle for anything in the first go. You can always look for a venue that is a bit far off from the main city since generally, these venues don’t charge exorbitantly rates. There are plenty of online portals that offer useful advice by giving a fair comparison of the wedding sites. Therefore, it could be a smart decision to go for these off site locations. At times, you might find a beautiful venue that is hidden in some other corner of the city and often ignored by wedding planners.

4. Book Your Tickets In Advance

Keep in mind that airfares are the cheapest when booked well in time. The closer you get to the date of boarding the flight, the more money you will have to shell out. Given that there is a huge list of guests that need to be taken along, it could be wise to reserve the tickets much before the actual wedding period. Never keep the task of booking tickets at the end of the checklist. Also, not getting married in the peak season will definitely bring down the budget significantly.

5. Hire The Local Resources

Sourcing food, wine, flowers and other elements from different locations is certainly not a great idea. It is advisable to get the resources from the regional suppliers which will not only save costs, but also lend a local aura to the wedding.

6. Choose The Best Exchange Rate

Financial institutions and companies offer currency at different rates based on the commission they deduct. Go for a fund transfer company like InstaReM that:

  • Does not require a tedious process for registration and allows the users to transfer money effortlessly.
  • Keeps the least foreign exchange margin, thereby providing great value for money.
  • Does not charge any additional amount by way of hidden expenses.
  • Shows an accurate dissection of the transaction that exhibits the amount that will be received by the other party.
  • Provides judicious advice on when to make payment to the vendors according to the prevailing exchange rate.

Preparing in advance for the wedding is the key to staying within the budget. It gives plenty of time to carefully scrutinize the details and eliminating all unwanted aspects. Eventually, everything will fall into place once the planning part has been done right. Hence, don’t let the budget be a constraint on having the wedding of your dreams at your favored location. Acting with a little caution and intelligence can help you negotiate on some really amazing offers. Make the big day worth remembering, while also saving some extra bucks.

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