7 In-Demand Jobs For Expats In Malaysia In 2018

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22 Mar 2018
5 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

Malaysia, with its twin towers, growing economy and job opportunities is a hot favourite with expats looking to make a career. If you are planning to move to Malaysia to pursue your dream of the perfect life, you need to know which jobs are the most sought after in this part of the world. We have listed seven hot job prospects that not only pay you well, but also promote growth and prosperity. Have a look!

1. Structural Engineers

The real estate industry of Malaysia is booming. Other than architects, quantity surveyors and interior designers, it’s structural engineers who are quite high in demand. If you hold a structural engineering degree and possess brilliant designing skills fused with investigation and surveying expertise, you are welcome to Malaysia. The job also demands you to coordinate with other stakeholders of the project and organize the delivery of materials and other equipment. The starting salary (monthly) of a structural engineer in Malaysia ranges from RM5,000 to RM5,500 (USD 1280 to USD 1400).

2. Spa Therapists

Want to get your hands on a five-figure salary? Then enrol in a Spa Operations Diploma course that makes you a professional spa therapist. As per a thestar.com.my, ‘unhealthy mobile phone usage ha­­bits’ are the main cause behind stiff necks and neck pain among the people of Malaysia, especially among young people. There are others who wish to forget everything about the hustle and bustle of their lives. In both these cases, people find spas as their last resort to rejuvenate and re-energize. However, everything comes with a price. Though the job has a good salary i.e. between RM7,000 to RM10,000 per month (USD 1790 to USD 2558), it also demands hard work and long hours.

3. Pharmacists

If you are inclined to be a part of the healthcare industry, then you can surely make a successful career out of it. Pharmacists in Malaysia starting salary is around RM3000 per month (USD 767), but with experience, the same number changes to somewhere around RM15,000 per month (USD 3840). Expats with experience in pharmaceuticals from a foreign university or an educational institution have a full chance in Malaysia to grow, prosper and achieve success in their career. To become a Pharmacists, it is necessary that you hold a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from any reputable college or university.

4. Tax Consultants

People’s standard of living is increasing in Malaysia owing to their rise in income. However, with an increased income comes along the worry of saving tax. And there are not many tax consultants in Malaysia who could help everyone. If you hold a Bachelor’s Degree in accounting or taxation and are good with number crunching, you can grab the books on Malaysian tax system and help the locals save their tax. The salary of tax and audit consultants in Malaysia ranges from RM3,500 (USD 900) to RM6,500 (USD 1660) per month.

5. Teachers

When it comes to teachers and educators, Malaysia still lacks them. Malaysians believe that the best and most effective method to teach anyone is the method of personalized or one-on-one teaching. Thus, if you are looking for a sure-shot way to land a job in Malaysia, make sure to look for someone who is hiring a teacher. Though you may find the entry-level salary of RM2500 per month (USD 640) a bit low, the figure is negotiable as per your experience and teaching skills. If you have an MA in education or hold a certificate from a teacher certification program, you can even negotiate higher.

6. Social Media Managers

Handling the various social media accounts and pages of an organization is easier said than done. Therefore, most of these companies look for an expert manager. As a social media manager, you are responsible for making and managing the social media strategies, content scheduling and posting, development of content calendar, content bucket and much more. The role also wants you to be well-versed with many social media analytics tools. There are few tech-savvy people in Malaysia as compared to other parts of the world and hence, the local companies and firms always look beyond boundaries for someone who can take care of their social media presence. In Malaysia, the average annual salary of a social media manager is around RM52,000 (USD 13,300) to RM53,000 (USD 13,360).

7. Data Scientists

Branding data as the new oil for each and every industry won’t be untrue. However, analyzing and interpreting the pool of data is a daunting task. Organizations do not waste their resources in the same and rather prefer to hire data scientists for the job and Malaysian companies are no exception. If you are a certified data scientist, love to play with numbers and logical problems, adore statistics, hold programming dear, have a good command over analyzing and reporting skills, you are sure to bag the job of a data scientist in Malaysia. Even the entry-level jobs in this field pay you quite well. You get approximately RM4,500 per month (USD 1151) when you join any firm as a fresh starter in the industry. With an experience of one to three years, you get RM6,000 to RM9,000 per month (USD 1530 to USD 2300). 

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