AZTA Group’s Tanisha Amyn On Fighting Gender Stereotypes

08 Mar 2018
4 mins read
Written by Team Instarem
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    Armed with a degree in Information Systems from the University of Melbourne and an impressive career with reputed companies, Tanisha Amyn had a world of opportunities waiting for her, but her passion to use technology to help communities inspired her to go down a path not many dare to take.

    Hailing from small town Gondia in Maharashtra India, AZTA Group founding director Tanisha Amyn has donned many hats — first as a SAP consultant, then a Project Coordinator and then a Test and Business Analyst. But her hunger to do more couldn’t be satiated by these jobs.

    Finally, in January 2017, Tanisha took the plunge and founded AZTA Group, an Australia-based digital solutions provider that helps small and medium-sized businesses with their digital requirements. Though AZTA Group is a well-known name in the industry today, the road to success hasn’t been an easy one. Besides, the challenges that come with entrepreneurship, Tanisha also had to fight gender stereotypes in the industry.

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Team InstaReM spoke to Tanisha about her journey to success and how she is disrupting an industry that’s essentially seen as a man’s domain.

    Elaborating on her venture, Tanisha says, AZTA Group enables and empowers small and medium-sized businesses to expand their horizons and helps them realise their potential through its digital solutions. Our USP is that our solutions are tailored to suit a client’s specific requirements, are cost competitive, innovative and cutting edge.

    Our day-to-day operations involve reaching out to small and medium-sized businesses, understanding their requirements and pain points, and advising on solutions that are best-suited to meet their needs. At AZTA Group, we cover a range of services — from Website Design & Development, Mobile App Design & Development, Digital Marketing, CRM Solutions, to Cloud Solutions.”

    Recounting her initial days as an entrepreneur, Tanisha says, “As a woman, I faced a lot of resistance by businesses, which are still conventional in their approach. They just couldn’t imagine a woman being at the helm, that too of a company that’s driven by technology.

    “Most people still think that only men can excel in sales, marketing, technology or in leadership roles, despite having encountered male professionals who have failed to deliver the goods, or have not lived up to the expectations.”

    So, how did you manage to cut through all this resistance, we ask, and pat comes the reply: “I am passionate about what I do and I am glad that I did not let the stereotyping dampen my spirits. A lot of women today are breaking into male bastions and debunking these archaic notions. I am glad to be one of them.

    “What kept me going through all the hurdles was my desire to make a difference in people’s lives through my work. I believe in giving back to the community and I have worked as a volunteer with quite a few organisations before. At AZTA, I try to bring in culture. In the past year, we have not only helped several local and global SMEs to get things up and running, but have also sponsored three community-based programs for kids and women that were well received.”

    “Today, AZTA Group is achieving new milestones every day — thanks to our team and our partners. At AZTA, we live by the values of Transparency, Trust and Confidence, and I am glad to have found a trustworthy partner in InstaReM.

    “We outsource a lot of our work and use InstaReM for paying suppliers for purchase orders and also to make payments for outsourced work. While looking for a payments solutions provider, I came across quite a few platforms, but none of them was as cost-effective as InstaReM. InstaReM not just offers mid-market rates free of any margins, but also charges incredibly low fees. We now make batch payments in just one click of a button, which really helps our team save a lot of time and effort.”

    “Another thing that I love about InstaReM is their transparency. With InstaReM, you get what you see. They are upfront about their charges and the client pays exactly what’s on the receipt. The team at InstaReM is really helpful. In case of any issue, the account manager goes an extra mile to get things expedited,” Tanisha says. 

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