10 best countries to migrate from India in 2024

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09 Sep 2023
17 mins read
Written by pranit

The world is coming closer, and more and more people are stepping outside their home countries. You will be surprised to know that more than 32 million Indians live abroad. People look for the best country to settle down in, to work on special projects, to get higher education, for better medical treatment, or to acquire world-class skills and expertise in their areas.


Migrating from India to a foreign country can open up a world of opportunities for you. However, every country has a unique set of immigration laws. While one may be the easiest country to migrate from India, others may be the hardest country to get citizenship or even travel temporarily.


Therefore, if you plan to migrate to a foreign country from India, you should know about the eligibility criteria to be met and the overseas immigration rules for the country you want to apply for.


Here’s a quick glance at the top 10 ranking countries to migrate from India (Rankwise):


  1. Canada
  2. The United States of America
  3. Australia
  4. Singapore
  5. The United Kingdom
  6. The New Zealand
  7. Germany
  8. Norway
  9. United Arab Emirates
  10. South Africa


Read further to learn more about the best countries to migrate from India in detail.

Top 10 immigration-friendly countries

1. Canada

Canada is the most loved destination for immigrants not only from India but also from the rest of the world. It is one of the most PR-friendly countries in the world, and Indians go to the country to seek job opportunities and get high-quality higher education.


As an immigrant, you can enjoy several benefits in Canada, which include free education, healthcare benefits, and social security benefits. The country has easy visa norms, and you can go to Canada on a tourist visa, student visa, work visa, PR visa, or Express Entry Program visa.


Canada Immigration Process

You can migrate abroad to Canada in various ways:


  • Express Entry Program Visa: Express Entry is the most popular and easy way to migrate to Canada. It is a federal government program launched in 2015 and is said to be the first ever overseas immigration process to use point-based criteria to assess the eligibility of immigrants. You must score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 to create an express entry profile.
  • Provincial Nominee Program: You can get permanent residency in Canada if you qualify under the Provincial Nominee Program. Additionally, if you qualify under this program, you get 600 additional points under the Comprehensive Ranking System. To increase your chances of qualifying under the program, apply from a region where you have a high chance of getting nominated based on your profile. Once your province nominates you, you can apply for a PR visa.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program: You can migrate to Quebec even without a valid job offer under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. You can register for the program, expressing your interest in migrating to Quebec. If you have the required training and professional ability to integrate into their work system, you will be invited to apply for it.
Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to Canada

While every immigration program has its own unique requirements, here are some common eligibility criteria you must meet to be eligible for permanent citizenship in Canada:


  • IELTS/ CELPIP score
  • French proficiency for certain parts of Canada.
  • Professional profile
  • Educational background.
  • References
  • Legal documents
  • Employment letter or education letter.
  • Proof of financial stability.
  • Health reports

2. The United States of America

The USA is one of the countries with the most immigrants globally. The number of immigrants in the country has increased by over 400% in the last few decades. The country has a multicultural environment that welcomes people from various ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.


Indians commonly go to the USA for high-paying jobs to support their families back home financially. You can enjoy several benefits as an immigrant in the USA, like excellent work and education opportunities, freedom and equal opportunities, access to advanced healthcare facilities, and more. 

US Immigration Process

Your employer must sponsor you or file an immigration petition on your behalf if you want to migrate to the US for work. As sponsors, they must agree to pay for your work or education in the country. Once your petition is approved, you will get a US visa from India. If you’re an Indian immigrant looking to send money to India, there are various financial services available to facilitate these transactions.


You can apply for a temporary visa or permanent residency in the US. You will have to undergo a medical examination and appear for an interview before your application is passed.


Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to The United States
  • Proof of sponsorship
  • Proof of education
  • Employment history
  • Online non-immigrant DS-160 application form.
  • A valid Indian passport
  • Receipt of payment of USD 160 for non-immigration visa application.

3. Australia

Australia is next on the list of good countries to migrate from India. The beautiful country is welcoming to deserving people from all over the world and offers multiple programs to help immigrants integrate into the country’s rich culture and work environment. 


The country has a special program called the Skill Select Migration Program that helps international students who have migrated to Australia to register an Expression of Interest (EOI) for permanent residency there.


Australia Immigration Process

You can go to Australia from India on a Permanent Resident Visa, a Resident Return Visa, a Confirmatory Resident Return Visa, or a Special Category Visa. 


  • Submit an EOI.
  • Choose your occupation type if it is listed on the SOL/ CSOL.
  • Get your skill assessment done by the concerned assessment authority.
  • Provide a sponsorship or nomination from an Australian state if you are going to the country under the sponsorship or nomination subclass. 
  • If your profile gets selected and you receive an invitation to apply for a visa, you must submit the application fees and apply within 60 days.
Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to Australia
  • English proficiency test score.
  • Relevant job experience.
  • Medical clearance certificate.
  • Clearance certificate from the police.
  • You should meet the minimum point criteria.

4. Singapore

Singapore is an ideal destination for Indian immigrants who want to stay in Asia to be relatively close to home and still have ample opportunities for work abroad. Moreover, the country is popular for its excellent education system and extensive research programs for students.


Singapore Immigration Process

Singapore is also one of the easiest countries to migrate from India, and it has several immigration schemes. You can apply for an Entrepreneur Pass, Employment Pass, Student Pass, or Singapore Long-Term Visit Pass, as per suitability to migrate to the country.


  • Singapore immigration process for professionals: You can get an Employment Pass in Singapore if you are an executive, manager, professional, or job candidate with a minimum monthly salary of $5000. On top of it, you can get a Personalized Employment Pass if you are an existing Employment Passholder with a high salary or are an international professional.
  • Singapore immigration process for skilled and semi-skilled workers: You can get an S Pass if you are a mid-level skilled worker and earn a minimum monthly salary of $3000


A semi-skilled foreign worker working in various fields such as construction, manufacturing, or service industry can get a Work Permit. Moreover, a foreign domestic worker can get a Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Workers in the country.

Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to Singapore

If you apply manually, your application will take up to 8 weeks to process. To speed up the process to a maximum of 3 weeks, apply online. Every immigration scheme has different requirements, but you must meet the following common criteria to migrate to Singapore for work:


  • A valid Indian passport.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must work only within the work permit provided to you.

5. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been another favorite destination for Indians to pursue higher education and work internationally. The country provides a high living standard, quality education at some of the top universities in the world, and ample opportunities for immigrant workers, making it one of the best countries to immigrate from India in 2024. 


As a skilled worker, you can work in several sectors in the UK, like finance, medicine, law, IT, engineering, accounting, etc. Immigrants can get long-term work visas, short-term work visas, and several other categories of visas with varying benefits and eligibility criteria.

UK Immigration Process

If you do not want to move permanently to the UK right away, you can first apply for a temporary visa, and once you are comfortable with the culture and environment, you can apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain. Here are a few options under which you can migrate to the UK from India:


  • Migrating to the UK as a student.
  • Migrating to the UK with a job offer from an employer there.
  • Settling down in the UK as a spouse of a UK citizen.
  • Moving to the UK as an investor.
  • Moving to the UK as an entrepreneur to set up a business there.
Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to the United Kingdom

If you plan to migrate to the UK from India, you must pass IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE with a decent score. The professional, legal, and financial criteria you must meet depends on the visa category you apply to. Here are a few points to consider for all immigrants:


  • A skilled worker must have a job offer from a UK employer.
  • There is a point-based system to qualify for the UK visa, and the minimum points required are 70. 
  • A highly skilled professional does not require a job offer but requires an endorsement from a UK authority.
  • An Indian student wanting to pursue higher education in the UK must exhibit decent English proficiency, sufficient financial means, and score a reasonable score on the point-based system.

6. New Zealand

Now Zealand is a safe and peaceful country with ample job opportunities and a welcoming environment. The country boasts of a high life expectancy, subsidized medical care, and a healthy lifestyle in general.


New Zealand is one of the best countries to migrate from India, and you can pursue your higher education and make a career there. The country has several permanent residency facilities and benefits and post-education work permits for deserving international students.

New Zealand Immigration Process

You can migrate to New Zealand as a student or as a working professional. The immigration process and eligibility criteria for both categories are different. Here are the details:


Immigration Process for Students – If you take the student route to migrate to New Zealand, take care of the following things:


  • Attain at least a B2 level language proficiency.
  • Choose an educational institution and the course you want to pursue.
  • Look for a source to get a scholarship.
  • Pass the language exam and the college entrance exam.
  • Get your education documents transcribed.
  • Take admission to the college and get an acceptance letter from them. 
  • Apply for a student visa.
  • Once you get the visa, migrate to the country and start your education.
  • Apply for the next visa category once you start looking for work post your education. 


Immigration Process for Professionals – As a skilled professional, you can apply for a special Skilled Migrant Category Visa. Submit an EOI application and provide the details of your education, skills, and work experience. Every 2 weeks, the EOI applications are scanned, and the applicants with the highest scores are sent an invitation to apply for a New Zealand visa.

Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to New Zealand


Eligibility Criteria for Students:

  • Language certificate
  • Motivation letter
  • Recommendation letter
  • Previous education documents with transcription.
  • A CUP from a foundation program, if required
  • Other documents as requested by the college and authorities.

Eligibility Criteria for Professionals:

  • Maximum age of 55 years.
  • Score in the EOI evaluation
  • IELTS 6.5+, PTE 58+, TOEFL iBT 79+, FCE 176, OET B + or a certificate of study (2 years for bachelor and 1 year for master degrees) in the UK, US, Australia, Ireland, or New Zealand.
  • Reasonably good health condition
  • No criminal background

7. Germany

Germany has a promising work environment and millions of job opportunities for locals as well as immigrants. You can pursue your higher education in Germany and pave the path for permanent residency and a flourishing career in the country. 


Germany has lenient overseas immigration policies, and there are multiple visa categories available, including student visas, training visas, job search visas, guest scientist visas, and many more. 

Germany Immigration Process


  • Immigration Process for Students: Higher education is relatively inexpensive in Germany. You must apply for a student visa to pursue academics there. Once you complete your education In Germany, you can stay back in the country for a prescribed period to search for a job. If you manage to find a job in this duration, you are permitted to stay back in the country for work. 
  • Immigration Process for Professionals: You can easily migrate to Germany if you are a skilled and qualified professional. The immigration laws for educated, experienced, and skilled workers are very lenient, and you can easily look for a job and move to the country on an employment visa. You can even apply for a job search visa to find a job there.
Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to Germany
  • Proof of financial stability.
  • Basic German language skills.
  • Health insurance certificate
  • Proof of employment from a German employer
  • Complete set of German visa application documents.

8. Norway

Norway is a safe country and has a low crime rate, a happy environment, free education, a pleasant climate, easy immigration policies, and high salaries. Therefore, the country has made its place among the best places to settle abroad for Indians. You can apply for a student visa, visitor’s visa, or work permit based on the purpose of your visit.


Norway Immigration Process

You do not require a special permit if you pursue a course of study in Norway for less than 3 months. If your course duration is beyond 3 months, you will need a student permit. If you plan to work and live in Norway, you will need permanent residency (PR).


You must select the suitable visa category on the UDI website and initiate the visa application process. Based on the visa category, you must submit the prescribed documents and the visa application to the local immigration authorities. 

Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to Norway


Eligibility Criteria for Students:

  • Acceptance letter from a NOKUT-accredited educational institution in Norway.
  • Enrollment in a full-time academic program.
  • Sufficient finances to pay the tuition fees and living expenses. A deposit of at least NOK 1,23,519 in a Norwegian bank account. 
  • A place of accommodation in the country.
  • TOEFL or IELTS test score.


Eligibility Criteria for Professionals:

  • Completed education degree from a recognized university.
  • High professional competence
  • Sufficient work experience
  • A full-time job offer from an employer in Norway.
  • The job offer must list the requirements for a skilled worker in Norway.

9. The United Arab Emirates

The UAE is an attractive destination for immigrant workers, especially for its tax policies. Expats are not required to pay a tax on their income, inheritance, gifts, or capital gains in the UAE. The country has a high percentage of foreign expats, and Indians often move to the country for a superior lifestyle and better earning opportunities. Moreover, you do not require experience or a professional degree to work in the UAE.


UAE Immigration Process

You can apply for an employment visa, a business visa, or a family visa (if your family member resides in the UAE). Your employer can also apply for a visa, and such a visa is called a work permit. If you invest a minimum of 1 million AED in real estate in Dubai and present a monthly income proof of at least AED 10,000, you get Dubai residency.

Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to the UAE
  • Visa approval from the authorities.
  • Your medical screening results.
  • An entry permit from the Ministry of Labor.
  • A copy of your employer’s commercial license.
  • A copy of a company card from your employer.

10. South Africa

South Africa has a developing economy and offers several job opportunities for skilled workers. The country has a peaceful environment, rich culture, and amiable people. You can find several fellow Indians in Durban, a prosperous city in South Africa. The country is a dream destination for people who love exploring wildlife, as the country is home to vast stretches of forests and grasslands. 

South Africa Immigration Process

You can apply for permanent residency to migrate to South Africa. The Immigration Selection Board screens the applications on a merit basis. To apply for a South Africa visa, you must have a valid Indian passport with at least 2 blank pages, a job offer, a statement of purpose for your move to the country, and proof of sufficient financial means to sustain yourself.


Select the suitable visa category and check the eligibility criteria for it. Apply for a visa using the following process:


  • Fill out the visa application form for the chosen visa category.
  • Submit the supporting documents and the filled-out application form.
  • Pay the visa fees and request for your biometrics.
  • Your application will take approximately 40 days to be processed. Once it is processed, place a request for the visa interview and go through the biometric screening. 
  • Receive your visa and move to the country.
Eligibility Criteria to Migrate to South Africa

You can get a residence permit in South Africa if you meet the following conditions:


  • If you have a full-time job offer in South Africa, an intention to set up a business in the country, or exceptional skills and educational qualifications.
  • If you qualify as a retired person according to the South African system.
  • You must be financially independent.
  • If you have relatives (biologically or legally adopted) of a South African citizen or a permanent residence permit holder.

Before you go…

Indians are migrating to various countries globally to attain higher education, enhance their skill set, work with the best companies, and settle abroad for a better quality of life. You can move to a country which has an easy immigration process and earn a handsome salary, which will help you financially support your family and relatives in India. You can also take the student route and move overseas on a student visa.


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Frequently asked questions

  1. Which country is easiest to migrate from India?
    Canada is the easiest country to migrate from India. You can also easily migrate to several other countries, such as the United States of America, Australia, Norway, Germany, and New Zealand, according to your preference.
  2. Which country is best for Indian workers?
    The United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Germany are some of the best countries for Indian workers. These countries offer ample work opportunities and have easy immigration policies to allow foreign workers to study, earn, and settle.
  3. Which country has the highest number of Indian immigrants
    The United States of America has the highest number of Indian immigrants. The number of immigrants in the country has increased by over 400% in the last few decades. More than 44 lakh Indians live in the US.
  4. Which country gives citizenship easily to Indians?
    Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are some countries that give citizenship easily to Indians and offer ample job opportunities too.


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