Do More For Kerala

As you may know, the people of Kerala are battling the worst floods in nearly a century, with hundreds of thousands of people affected and displaced in all 14 districts of the state.

This is a call for help to bring timely relief to the people of Kerala, or to one’s family affected by the floods.  InstaReM supports the people of Kerala in this hour of need, and will waive off all transfer fees related to your contributions. The fee waiver will be effective from 22nd August, 2018, 14:00 IST,  through 22nd September, 23:59 IST.

You can help the people of Kerala in one of below two ways.

 1. Donations to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund

InstaReM is now enabling direct donations to the Prime Minister’s relief fund towards the flood in Kerala. You can find this section on the dashboard post login:

2. Transfer funds to someone in Kerala

Whenever you select one of the below reasons for transfer, and we detect the beneficiary account in Kerala, we will waive off the fees for this transfer.

Transfer to own account
Family Maintenance
Medical Treatment
Hotel Accommodation

No fee will be charged for all such transfers.

We urge you to support the people of God’s Own Country, Kerala.