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*Nium makes money when it changes your send currency into a different currency

How Our Foreign Exchange Rates Are Different

Banks and other providers add a mark-up, as high as 5%, to their exchange rate for sending money abroad. At InstaReM, it is up to 8x cheaper through our FX rates, low remittance fee and no hidden charges.

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InstaReM charges nominal fees on your money transfers. Our competitive rates are sourced from Reuters.
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Sign up, verify your account and get transacting. Know the exact amount your recipient will get as you set up your transfer.
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Earn bonus InstaPoints upon joining and each time you transfer. Redeem them against your transactions.

Send Money To France At Low Cost


Transfer Money To France

Buying a house in France, planning a dream getaway in one of the world's most beautiful country or just sending money home to your loved ones, the reasons to transfer money to France could be many. But there is only one way to escape the brutal bank fees while you are at it - InstaReM. Money transfers through banks and money transfer operators (MTOs) lack transparency. While you do expect a fee for the money transfer, you are not aware that your transfers are hit by hidden transaction costs as well. What's more? Neither the sender nor the recipient is informed about these charges before the transaction takes place. A World Bank report in 2017 cited banks as the most expensive method of money transfer, with an average transaction cost of 10.44%! Remittances through these institutions also take a long time to clear due to a number of processes between transacting banks, or between two international MTO branches.

With InstaReM, you break free of boring queues and cumbersome paperwork. InstaReM makes money transfers a breeze in just a few easy steps. To be able to send money to France at low cost with us, you need to Sign Up on the InstaReM website, open a free account by furnishing a few basic details such as your name, IBAN, a valid ID card, etc. These details are in compliance with the European Anti-Money Laundering laws.

Besides trimming down the cost of overseas money transfers, InstaReM ensures speedy money transfers to France.  Are you planning a money transfer to France? Check out our Low Cost right here and get going!

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