Sort code

What is a sort code?

A sort code is a six-digit number used by British and Irish banks to identify the location of your bank when routing money transfers.

Example of a sort code

These six digits are usually split into three pairs. The first two digits identify the bank, and the following two pairs refer to the specific branch.​


Bank code


Branch code


Branch code

When do you need a sort code?

You will need a sort code when transferring money to UK or Ireland from abroad or when transferring money domestically between UK and Ireland.

Sort codes are important as they determine the bank and the branch you are sending to. If you get the sort code wrong, you will end up sending money to the wrong place. Whereas if you get the bank account wrong but the sort code right, the bank will likely reach out to you and resolve the issue.

Where to find your sort code?

Your sort code usually appears on your bank statements, cheques, and often on any correspondence from your bank.


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