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Why is InstaReM so cost effective for my international money transfers?
  • At InstaReM we charge a low transfer fee for all transactions and also offer real-time FX rate. This combination of good FX rates and low fees ensures that our customers get the most cost effective international money transfer experience. Besides, our 1st Transfer Bonus adds on to what you send to your recipient.
How does InstaReM help me save more?
  • Besides low transfer fees and real-time FX rates, InstarReM also provides a 1st Transfer Bonus which adds to your transfer amount the first time. Also, each time you refer a friend who uses InstaReM, you get a Referral Bonus which you can add to your next transfer amount. InstaReM is soon launching InstaPoints which will benefit you on every transfer. Watch out the space!
    Please use the below coupons for your 1st Transfer:
    From AU: WEB - AU$10 Bonus
    From SG: WEBSG - SG$10 Bonus
    From HK: WEBHK- HK$50 Bonus
What is the referral bonus at InstaReM?
  • Most of our customers have been referred to us by their family or friends. We truly value the importance of you referring InstaReM to your loved ones. Here's the bonus you get once the people you refer start using InstaReM.
    Australia - AU$20
    Hong Kong - HK$100
    Singapore - SG$20
Is it Safe to Send using InstaReM?
  • InstaReM is a Singapore Headquartered company and is licensed to operate in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada. We are in process of adding even more countries. Thousands of customers use InstaReM on a regular basis to transfer funds efficiently across the globe.
What does InstaReM logo indicate?
  • Speed and Service have been the key differentiators for us since we started operations in 2015. We have re-branded ourselves to highlight both speed and emphasis on each and every customer through our new logo. We believe that money transfers should be faster, and each and every customer using our services should get great savings on cross-border transfers, and have a smooth, fantastic experience. That's our mission.