Navy Federal Routing Number

Are you a Navy Federal account holder? Find the correct routing number to ensure your domestic or international wire transfer accurately reaches its destination.

Navy Federal Routing Numbers
StateRouting number
Navy Federal256074974

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Navy Federal Routing Numbers for Wire Transfer

The routing number for Navy Federal for wire transfers is 256074974. For an international wire transfer, it’s important to obtain a SWIFT code from the intended payee as Navy Federal doesn’t support direct international wire transfers.


Type of wire transferRouting number
International Wire TransferDepends on the corresponding bank.
Domestic Wire Transfer256074974
Where to Find A Navy Federal Routing Number On A Check

For checking accounts, your Navy Federal routing number is located in the bottom-left corner of your check.

Navy Federal routing number on a check

How to Find A Navy Federal Routing Number Online

To find your Navy Federal routing number online, here are some methods:

1. Navy Federal online banking: Access your Navy Federal routing number by logging into your account.

2. Fedwire: You can find your routing number via the official Fedwire website.

Which Navy Federal Routing Number Should You Use?

Navy Federal routing number you should use depends on the state in which you opened your account and the type of transaction.

Every state has its own routing number, and there may be different numbers for direct deposits and wire transfers.

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Navy Federal FAQs



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