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You’ve taken time out to visit our website, so it’s only fair that we give you great value in return with our low fees and great exchange rates. With us you avoid processing and handling fees incurred by using other traditional methods.

Our rates are sourced directly from Reuters and we add only a tiny margin on top of that, which we will show you, upfront, before you proceed, keeping you in total control of your money, always.

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Fees and exchange rates vary by sending amount, currency, payment method and receive country. Please change these parameters to view the applicable fees.


    *Subject to banking partner operating hours and availability, local laws/regulations, and compliance requirements.

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    Your money is safe with I.

    We are regulated by 9 financial regulators across the globe, so you can be sure we do everything by the book!

    Our compliance with the regulators relies heavily on the safety and security of your funds. That’s why we leave no stone unturned safeguarding your money and maintaining real-time fraud prevention measures for total peace of mind.

    Join the customers, small businesses and major banks who trust us to transfer their funds globally, amounting to billions of dollars’ annually.

    Why send money with us?

    Cost effective

    Competitive pricing, no hidden fees.


    Usually instant or same day transfer.


    We verify everyone and everything, always.


    Always know the cost. Stay in control.


    Earn reward points when you send money to enjoy even greater value.


    Send money effortlessly with our easy-to-use apps.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Learn how to pay the I. way

    How much do I pay in transaction fees?

    The transaction fee you pay will vary from country to country. However, you can expect to pay between 0.25% and 1%. This fee is applied within our currency converter and we’ll always be transparent about the fees you pay when sending money overseas with us.

    Why are your exchange rates more competitive than banks and other service providers?

    Unlike some competitor service providers, we adopt a low-cost money transfer service, keeping our exchange rates as low as possible. Our rates are always sourced directly from Reuters, with only minimal mark-up applied to cover our operating costs.

    Other banks and service providers will apply hidden charges like higher forex margins, as well as bank and service charges that must be covered.

    How long is my exchange rate locked in for?

    It is possible to lock-in an exchange rate for sending money into a recipient’s local currency.

    How long we lock it in for depends on country to country. Failure to fund your Instarem account within the allotted time will result in your transfer being auto-cancelled.

    You’ll often get longer to fund your account via bank transfer than debit card. Check out our auto-cancellation table for timescales on country-specific payment methods.

    How can I fund my account?

    Although we don’t currently accept credit card deposits into your account, there are plenty of other ways to fund your overseas money transfers. You can deposit using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), bank transfer, or wire transfer.

    It’s also possible to deposit in Australia via POLi. Our European customers can deposit using a debit card. Malaysia-based users can fund their accounts using FPX, while ACH Pull or bank transfers are available to users in the US.

    What is the maximum I can send overseas with you?

    Ultimately, it depends on which local currency you plan to convert. Each country has its own regulatory limits on how much currency can flow in and out in a single transaction.

    We’ve got our own table of international money transfer limits that you can use as a guide, detailing the maximum and minimum you can send from your individual or business Instarem account.

    How do multiple transactions work with my account?

    If you have an individual Instarem account, we recommend that you should only create a transaction if you intend to deposit funds to cover it. If you create multiple transactions of the same value, but only deposit enough to cover one payment, the funds will be attributed to the first transaction you create, with the remainder auto-cancelled.

    It’s a different ball game if you have a corporate Instarem account. That’s because you can add up to 20 beneficiaries and transactions to be sent in one batch. Business account holders must cover their transfers by depositing the exact total of all payments sent in the same batch.

    Where is my money stored with you?

    Your money is always safe and secure with us. We house your money in a segregated account, away from our own operating funds. We do so by using one of the following:

    • Authorized Deposit-Taking Institution (ADI)
    • Authorized Institution
    • Originating Depository
    • Financial or Credit Institution
    How do I get the best exchange rate when sending money with you?

    Ultimately, we recommend that you subscribe to our Rate Watch feature, which will alert you whenever your desired currency pair hits your desired exchange rate. Our exchange rates are always sourced directly from Reuters, so you can be sure of achieving the most competitive rates.

    Our rates usually remain locked in over the weekends. That’s because most forex markets are closed over the weekends and bank holidays, with market hours reserved for business days e.g. Monday to Friday.

    We top up your account with 25 InstaPoints as soon as you Sign Up.

    InstaPoints are loyalty points that you can redeem against your transactions to give you a discount.

    More The InstaPoints, More The Discount.

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