10 highest paying part-time jobs for students in Ireland 2024

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14 Oct 2023
17 mins read
Written by pranit

Ireland, with its rich history of poets and philosophers, has managed to find a place in the hearts of international students across the world. The country offers quality education and has student-friendly policies, where even international students can take up part-time jobs in Ireland to support their education and stay. 

Stay and education in Ireland is affordable. On average, a student requires between €7000 to €12,000 annually to fund their stay in the country. This amount is usually enough to cover various expenses, including food, rent, electricity, books, laundry, medicine, social expenses, etc. However, it does not cover tuition expenses, which will vary depending on the course and the university you choose. 

Students who want to pursue higher education in Ireland without much financial support from home often have several queries such as ‘How much can international students earn in Ireland part-time?’ or ‘How to apply for student jobs in Ireland?’ 

Here is a detailed guide to answer all your questions about part-time jobs for students in Ireland.

Getting a Part-Time Job in Ireland as an International Student

Even though staying and studying in Ireland is not very expensive, taking up a part-time job along with your academic course has several benefits. You get acquainted with the culture and work policies of the country, which is of great help if you take up a full-time job in Ireland after your education is complete. It also upgrades your resume and polishes your interpersonal skills, paving the way for a bright career. 

Moreover, the government policies in the country support international students desirous of taking up part-time jobs, which creates several opportunities for jobs in Ireland for foreigners.

Part-Time Job Rules for International Students in Ireland

International students can get two types of visas in Ireland. The rules and regulations regarding work permits are different for both these visa categories. Here are the two visa types for international students in Ireland:

Types of Visas Part-Time Work Permission

Stamp 2

Students pursuing a full-time course having Stamp 2 visas can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week during the school year and for a maximum of 40 hours per week during holidays (June to September and 15th December to 15th January).

Stamp 2A

Students enrolled on certain courses are provided with Stamp 2A visas, and they are not permitted to work part-time because their academic course is not mentioned in the eligibility list.

Eligibility Criteria for Student Jobs in Ireland
  • International students enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course with a duration of one year or more do not require a special work permit to work part-time in Ireland. 
  • Students must be registered under the GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau).
  • The academic course under which the student is registered must be recognized by the Ministry for Education and Skills.
  • The student must give an undertaking of at least 15 hours of studying every day.
  • The student must take classes between 8 AM and 6 PM every week for a minimum of 25 weeks annually. 
  • The student must get the PPS or Personal Public Service number. Employers can only pay wages to a student having a PPS number.
  • The student must open a bank account in an Irish bank because all payments for work will be routed only to an Irish account. 
  • International students working part-time in Ireland are subject to taxes and other employment regulations.

10 Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Ireland for International Students

The average part-time salary in Ireland for students differs on the basis of the nature of the job, the hours you work, and the city where you work. Here is a list of the 10 best part-time jobs in Ireland for students (in no particular order):

1. Sales Assistant (Avg Salary – €21 Per Hour)
  • Job Details: Sales assistants are commonly required at local stores and businesses. As a sales assistant, you may have to perform a variety of duties, like stacking shelves at a supermarket, helping customers find the best products for them, maintaining the registers, and maintaining the store in general. 
  • Expected Salary Bracket: As a sales assistant, the per-hour salary in Ireland for students is around €21 per hour, although it may vary a little depending on how you perform at the interview and your experience. 
  • Eligibility: There is no specific academic requirement for a sales assistant job. However, fluency in Irish and English, the two official languages of Ireland, helps. 
  • How to Apply/Find: You can visit the local malls and stores to enquire about vacancies or check the local advertisements.
2. Tutor (Avg Salary – €25 Per Hour)
  • Job Details: If you have a passion for teaching and have a good command over academics, you can be a personal tutor in Ireland. It is one of the highest-paying part-time jobs in Ireland. Universities also often recommend academically excellent students as tutors to other students and outside people. 
  • Expected Salary Bracket: SInce teaching requires knowledge and expertise in a subject, these are high-paying jobs for students and can fetch you around €25 per hour.
  • Eligibility: In-depth knowledge of the subject you choose to teach, a passion for teaching, and some experience with mainstream teaching can help. 
  • How to Apply/Find: Contact your university placement cell or network with fellow students to inquire if someone requires a tutor.
3. Library Assistant (Avg Salary – €16 Per Hour)
  • Job Details: If you love books and are a natural organizer, you can work at your college library or the city’s local library. As a library assistant, you will be responsible for arranging the books in order, keeping a record of the issued books, repairing damaged books or journals, etc. 
  • Expected Salary Bracket: As a library assistant, you can earn around €16 per hour in Ireland. 
  • Eligibility: There is no specific eligibility to be a library assistant. You must have a natural liking for books and have good organizing skills to sort and arrange the books and other records properly. 
  • How to Apply/Find: Check out the university news bulletin board for a vacancy at the university library or approach the local library to ask for an opening.
4. Jobs at Restaurants/ Bars/ Cafes (Avg Salary – €10 Per Hour)
  • Job Details: These are the most conveniently available jobs for students in Ireland. You can wait tables, work in the kitchen, be a cashier or a cleaner, etc., at restaurants, cafes, or bars. You get a chance to mix with the local crowd, and the working environment is usually happy and cheerful at these places. 
  • Expected Salary Bracket: The salary for this job is not much, and you can earn around €10 per hour. However, on busy days, you can fetch great tips from happy customers waiting tables or at the bar. 
  • Eligibility: You require a pleasing personality for jobs where you have to interact with the customers, like waiting tables. The restaurant may want you to work late into the evenings, so you should be open to it. Moreover, it can be physically taxing to stand for long hours at a stretch as a cashier or kitchen staff.
  • How to Apply/Find: Visit the local restaurants and bars in your area. You can also ask for references from your friends already doing similar jobs.
5. Community Support Worker (Avg Salary – €24 Per Hour)
  • Job Details: A community support worker provides practical assistance to people to help them develop links within the Irish community. He also supports people in helping them realize their work and educational goals. 
  • Expected Salary Bracket: These are another category of the highest paying jobs in Ireland. You can earn around €24 per hour for this part-time job. 
  • Eligibility: Team working skills, strong communication skills, and an empathetic attitude towards people.
  • How to Apply/Find: You can apply online at Irish job portals for these jobs. You can directly apply at the employer’s website to get a quick response.
6. Driver Helper (Avg Salary – €15 Per Hour)
  • Job Details: A driver helper assists the company driver in loading and unloading and the delivery of the products and equipment at the customer’s destination. He may also have to maintain a record of the deliveries. 
  • Expected Salary Bracket: You can expect to earn around €15 per hour as a driver helper.
  • Eligibility: You must be physically fit to lift heavy boxes and objects and perform physically strenuous tasks. Basic knowledge of booking and record keeping is an added advantage. 
  • How to Apply/Find: You can apply online at Irish job portals for these jobs. You can also ask around locally at warehouses, godowns, and production units for an opening.
7. Call Center Agent (Avg Salary – €11 Per Hour)
  • Job Details: Call center employees are responsible for making calls to prospective customers to market and sell the company’s product or receive customer calls to resolve their queries and complaints. 
  • Expected Salary Bracket:  You can expect around €11 per hour as a call center agent.
  • Eligibility: A polite and friendly attitude and in-depth knowledge about the company’s product or service. Strong communication skills and fluency in English and Irish are essential to talk efficiently to customers. 
  • How to Apply/Find: You can apply online at job portals or network locally to find job openings for call center agents.
8. Babysitting (Avg Salary – €9 to €10 Per Hour)
  • Job Details: If you love being with children and have the patience to handle them, babysitting jobs can be fun and relaxing. As a babysitter, you will be expected to take care of the children in the family, and look after their meals, playtime activities, medicines, etc., as instructed by the parents.  
  • Expected Salary Bracket: You can expect around €9 to €10 per hour. 
  • Eligibility: You do not require any special training or qualifications to be a babysitter. However, since small children are involved in the job, a babysitter needs to be responsible, caring, and alert. 
  • How to Apply/Find: You may ask around in the neighborhood and request your local friends from college to refer you.
9. Industrial Cleaner (Avg Salary – €11 Per Hour)
  • Job Details: Industrial cleaners perform basic cleaning tasks at factories, production units, and warehouses. They may have to remove hazardous waste, inspect and repair machinery and equipment, and operate specialized high-power equipment to clean machinery and the premises. 
  • Expected Salary Bracket: Around €11 per hour.
  • Eligibility: You must be physically fit and laborious to become an industrial cleaner, as the job is physically demanding. 
  • How to Apply/Find: Search online on job portals and refer to local advertising.
10. Administrative Assistant (Average Salary – €15 Per Hour)
  • Job Details: Administrative assistants perform a range of duties, including filing and inputting data, attending client calls, communicating with other employees, sending out emails, handling accounts, and maintaining company records.  
  • Expected Salary Bracket: This job will pay you around €15 per hour in Ireland. 
  • Eligibility: Basic knowledge of operating office equipment, like computers, photocopy machines, etc. String interpersonal skills and knowledge of formal written communication. Multitasking ability is a plus point.
  • How to Apply/Find: Search online on job portals, contact your university placement cell, and look for openings in local newspapers.

Part-Time Job Salary in Ireland – Citywise

The part-time job salary in Ireland may vary depending on the minimum wages in the city. For example, The minimum wages in Dublin and Cork are between €10 to €12 per hour, while in other cities like Limerick, it lies between €8 to €9 per hour. Either way, the average salary in Ireland will always be higher than the minimum wage in the city. 

Here is a list of the top part-time jobs in various cities in Ireland:

Part-time jobs in Ireland

Part-Time Jobs in Dublin


Per Hour Salary

How to Apply

Home Care Assistant€13 to €18

Apply online on job portals

Housekeeping Assistant 

€13Apply online and network locally
Jobs at Restaurants/ Bars/ Cafes€13

Visit local restaurants and ask for openings

Hotel Assistant

€15Apply online and network locally
Sales Assistant€16 to €20

Visit local malls and stores and inquire about job openings

Part-Time Jobs in Belfast


Per Hour SalaryHow to Apply
Sales Assistant€16

Visit local malls and stores and inquire about job openings

Waiting Staff

€14Visit local restaurants and ask for openings
Support Worker€11

Apply online on job portals

Passenger Assistant

€11Apply online on job portals
Administrative Assistant€13

Apply online or check local advertisements

Part-Time Jobs in Limerick


Per Hour SalaryHow to Apply
Retail Sales Consultant€11 to €15

Apply online on job portals

Food Service Assistant

€12Visit local food joints and ask for openings
Catering Assistant€12

Apply online on job portals and network locally

Health Care Assistant

€17Apply online or check local advertisements
Seasonal Sales Adviser€16 to €18

Apply online on job portals

Part-Time Jobs in Cork


Per Hour SalaryHow to Apply
Chef€14 to €16

Visit local food joints and ask for openings

Waiting Tables

€12Apply online and visit local food joints
Clerical Officer€15

Network locally and apply online

Event Staff

€12 to €13Apply online and visit the event management companies in your area
Industrial Cleaner€13

Apply online or check local advertisements for openings

Part-Time Jobs in Waterford


Per Hour SalaryHow to Apply
Customer Service Adviser€11 to €12

Apply online in job portals

Store Assistant

€12Visit local malls and stores and inquire about job openings

Apply online in job portals

Health Care Assistant for Senior Citizens

€13 to €18Apply online in job portals
Bar Staff€10 to €12

Visit local bars and ask for openings or apply online

Part-Time Jobs in Galway


Per Hour Salary

How to Apply


Apply online in job portals or network locally

Bus Driver

€19Apply online in job portals or get a reference from local friends
Pharmacy Technician€17 to €20

Apply online in job portals or network locally

Accounts Assistant

€13.50 to €15Apply online in job portals or check local advertisements
Front Desk Associate€11.50 to €13

Network locally and ask friends and fellow students

Benefits of Part-Time Student Jobs in Ireland

  • Financial Independence: Almost all students studying abroad need their parents to send them money for their tuition and accommodation. Working part-time as a student enables you to draw a part-time job salary in Ireland. Even a seemingly small income can support your stay in a foreign country, and you may have to depend a little less on your parents and family back home. 
  • Valuable Global Experience: Studying in an international university is a lifetime opportunity, and so is working abroad. Working part-time along with your education in Ireland gives you a chance to explore the global work culture and gain exposure to international technology, the work environment, and the pay structure. 
  • Participation in the workforce: Since you must open a local bank account in an Irish bank to receive the payment for your work and pay taxes and other security expenses, you automatically become a part of the Irish workforce. Moreover, you require certain permits to work in Ireland. So, if you decide to pursue a career in the country post-education, you need not start from scratch and are already sufficiently equipped to begin.  
  • Strong interpersonal skills: Working part-time gives you an opportunity to explore the country and its culture beyond the boundaries of your university. You get a chance to meet the local crowd and make new friends. It boosts your confidence and improves your communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Financial management: You draw a per-hour salary in Ireland, pay taxes, and manage your finances independently when you work part-time. It teaches you how to manage your finances at the micro level and prepares you better for a full-fledged job and salary in the future.  

Types of Part-Time Jobs in Ireland for International Students

International students can find part-time jobs in Ireland primarily under three categories:

  • On-campus jobs
  • Off-campus jobs
  • Online jobs
On-Campus Part-Time Jobs

The most suitable category of part-time jobs for students is on-campus jobs. By working at the university, you can combine your study and work hours, and you need not spend time commuting to the workplace every day. Here are a few popular on-campus jobs for international students in Irela

  • Research Assistant 
  • Library Assistant
  • Education Instructor or Student Tutor
  • Personal Trainer or Attendant
  • Jobs in the Administrative Department
Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs

Off-campus jobs help you interact with people outside your university and understand the local work culture and lifestyle. You can socialize with Irish people and make a strong network of friends and colleagues beyond the university campus. Here are a few popular student job sectors in Ireland for off-campus jobs:

  • Community Support Worker
  • Sales Assistant
  • Call Center Agent
  • Office Assistant
  • Industrial Cleaner
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Bartender
  • Babysitter
  • Driver Helper
Online Part-Time Jobs

If you are not very keen on taking up an on-campus or off-campus job, you can apply for an online job and work for a few hours from your apartment or hostel. Here are your options:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Data Entry
  • Online Teaching
  • Web Development
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Care Staff

How to Find Part-Time Jobs Opportunities in Ireland for International Students

  • Online Job Portals: Most employers post their job openings online on several job portals. You can find detailed information about a vacancy and the employer on these portals. In most cases, you can also apply directly for the position within minutes on the web portals. 
  • Local Advertisements: Small businesses and individuals looking for helping staff may give an advertisement in the local media, like in local newspapers and on the city radio and TV channels. Keep a check on these advertisements, and you can easily come across a desirable position here. 
  • Networking: Classmates, teachers, non-teaching staff at the university, neighbors, landlords, and other friends and acquaintances can refer you to a local business or employer for a vacancy. It increases your credibility and chances of getting a job. Friends and fellow students already working part-time can inform you of job openings at their offices and recommend you for the position too. 
  • University Placement Cell: Most universities have a placement cell to help students find part-time jobs along with their education and full-time jobs after their studies. Contact the placement office at your university and inform them that you want to take up a part-time job. The placement cell will help you find a job that matches your availability, skills, and interests.
  • University News Bulletin Boards: Crucial information for students is displayed on university news bulletin boards. Businesses looking to hire college students often advertise their openings on university notice boards and through flyers. The various departments at the university also advertise their vacancies on these bulletin boards. Therefore, keeping a check on these boards is advisable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can students work part-time in Ireland?

International students with a Stamp 2 visa can work part-time in Ireland. Foreign students with a Stamp 2A visa are not allowed to take up a part-time job in Ireland because their course is not a part of the eligible list. 

  • How much do part-time jobs pay in Ireland?

Some of the highest paying jobs for students in Ireland are those of a tutor and a community support worker. The average salary in Ireland for a tutor is around €25 per hour, and for a community support worker is around €24 per hour.

  • Which part-time jobs pay the most in Ireland?

Jobs of tutor, community support worker, and sales assistant are usually the highest paying part-time jobs in Ireland

  • Is it easy to get a part-time job in Ireland?

Yes, it is easy to find a part-time job in Ireland. Keep in mind the rules and regulations you must follow to work along with your education in the country. 

  • Can I work 50 hours a week in Ireland?

International students cannot work for more than 20 hours a week during their academic sessions. However, they are allowed to work more during their vacations. Full-time workers cannot work for more than 48 hours in an average working week. 

Before Your Go!

Ireland is a popular destination for international students mainly because of the flexibility available for students to work part-time in the country. You can take up a part-time job to support your stay in the country if you have a Stamp 2 visa. 

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