5 Hot Job Prospects For Expats In Hong Kong In 2018

Expat life
22 Mar 2018
4 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

Earning a lot of money may not ensure a happy life. It is also about mental peace that matters the most when you are at work. Hong Kong is one such place in the world where you don’t just get good pay, but you also have a grin like the Cheshire cat while you are at work. If you dream of pursuing a career in Hong Kong in 2018, then here are 5 hot jobs that expats might want to watch out for.

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Want to earn somewhere between HK$ 700K to 1.1 million per annum? Then all you need to know are the ins and outs of digital marketing. This is one such role that is quite sought after in IT as well as the financial sector of the region. To pursue this role, you need to be well-versed with various aspects of digital marketing, for instance, content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, social media optimization, etc. In fact, as you pursue this career, there is growth too. You will not only get a hike in pay but also non-monetary incentives such as learning from industry experts.

2. Product Development

This is one such role that is quite in demand in the financial sector of Hong Kong. There are a number of players in the industry and they all come up with new tactics and products to edge out the competitors. Thus, in such a chaos, it is indispensable for each of them to have an expert product development professional. Many financial organizations are now looking for foreigners who would fit the profile. If you can develop products based on a thorough market research, determine their specifications, generate the requirement of the developed product, and decide on the pricing, the role is for you. The annual salary of a product developer in Hong Kong ranges between HK$ 800K and 1.3 million per annum.

3. Corporate Communications Manager

This is another trending job in Hong Kong. As a corporate communications manager, you are responsible for keeping the organization’s internal and external stakeholders informed about the developments. You create awareness among the employees and liaise with media and other external parties to announce new products or any structural changes. On the whole, when you opt for this role, the positive image of the company rests on your shoulder. Right from preparing presentations to making branding strategies for employee use, you take care of it all. It is noteworthy that there is a growth of 7% for this particular profile everywhere in the world and Hong Kong is no exception. Hence, if you wish to mark your presence here in Hong Kong, you can go with the roles and responsibilities of a Corporate Communications Manager. As a Corporate Communications Manager can earn somewhere between HK$ 50K and 1 million per annum depending on the sector and the organization.

4. Sales & Marketing Executive

Sales are the lifeline of every business and there are no exceptions to this rule. Thus, there is a continuous hunt for sales and marketing executives by companies in Hong Kong. Expatriates have now become a preferred choice of many of these organizations owing to their new ideas of dealing with the clients and closing the deals. Great communication skills clubbed with a number-crunching power can take you places. There are endless opportunities and growth as you pursue your professional career as a sales & marketing executive in Hong Kong. You will receive somewhere around HK$ 28K to 38K per month. The same increases to somewhere between HK$ 720K and 900K per annum as you move up the ladder.

5. Software Engineer

If you are an expat and an engineer with an inclination towards coding and software designing, Hong Kong is the place where your career can touch new heights. Software Engineers have a great demand here and the companies are ready to spend a fortune to hire top-notch software engineers from foreign countries. If you have a little bit of ‘Geekiness’ in you along with the skill of executing full software development lifecycle, the Hong Kong Dollars are sure to chase after you. When it comes to the average pay of a software engineer in Hong Kong, it is somewhere around HK$ 292,000 per year. 

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