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5 Things British Expats Miss in Australia

The total population of British Expats in Australia stands at about 1,207,000 in 2015 (source). Australia offers a lot of pristine beaches and much more to do while hanging out with your mates. But adjusting to life outside the UK being British can be difficult at times. Have you been missing your home country for a long time? InstaReM brings you the list of things UK expats miss the most being in Australia:

1. British Cuisine

As they say “Food is a way to a man’s heart”. There are some British restaurants in Australia but nothing can beat the food of your home country. Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas anyone?

2. Grand football leagues

The English Premier League is not only followed in the UK but also by millions of football lovers globally. Football is played in Australia, however it has its own rules; moreover there is more of a buzz about cricket than football in Australia. The fun fact about English Premier League is that approximately 63% of the players in the league aren’t British.

3. Weather

One can’t really predict the climate of UK easily. Don’t be astonished when someone complains about the wrong weather forecast, on an average the UK remains damp, windy, and cloudy with mild temperatures. On the other side it gets ferociously hot in Australia from January to March, which a lot of British Expats may not like.

4. Easy entry to Europe

British people are free to just roam around Europe with super-efficient public transport system. This is probably the strongest point on the list because travelling to multiple countries of Europe digs a hole in your pocket if you are not a European.

5. Arts & Cultural landscape

The UK has a very rich cultural history dating back many centuries. When you walk through the streets of London, Manchester or any other city in UK; you can easily spot sculptures representing British history. Even some buildings and monuments are designed to portray the royal history of UK.

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