7 Things An Expat Can Do On Singapore National Day

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08 Aug 2017
3 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

As Singapore roars to life on its 52nd National Day today and remembers its colourful rise to independence and beyond, it embraces the cultural diversity that the country is home to. 

This day might be coined for Singaporeans to have a gala, it is also a good opportunity for expats to explore the culture, know more about the history and have a good time while at it.

Here are 7 things an expat can do today in Singapore

1. Check out the Civic District Outdoor Festival

Held in Singapore’s Civic District, the inaugural Civic District Outdoor Festival will transform the district’s charming and historical architecture into an extravaganza of multimedia, art installations, stage and music performances, art markets and food streets. Amidst all the excitement, the Padang will also be transformed into a giant picnic area for you and your family and friends to take in the festivities.

2. Catch the Merlion’s National Day Light Show

Stand in awe as the majestic Sentosa Merlion comes to life with vibrant and colourful National Day-themed lights at nightfall

3. Catch some films at Singapore’s premier open-air cinema

Films At The Fort is celebrating its 5th anniversary in the amphitheatre of Fort Canning Park till August 20. Unwind with friends over a glass of wine and a picnic while enjoying an award winning film under the stars.

4. Catch the National Day 2017 fireworks, of course!

Even if you didn’t manage to score tickets to the National Day Parade, you can view fireworks from the Marina Barrage.

5. Visit the Istana

The Istana or the President’s Office is open to all on the National Day (read: opportunity). Visit this historical site and fall some more in love with the country.

6. Orchid Extravaganza — Garden Rhapsody, Singapore Edition

Gardens by the Bay brings out the blooms to tell the Singapore tale at the Orchid Extravaganza display at the Flower Dome. Using the lifecycle of a butterfly as a metaphor, visitors can admire the flowers which the story of how Singapore underwent a metamorphosis over the last 52 years.

7. Visit zoo or national park

Singapore’s 52nd birthday, Wild Reserves Singapore is offering a 52% discount for a two-park combo package (need we say more to the nature lover?)
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