Case Studies: How InstaReM Helps Clients Send, Spend and Receive

InstaReM Case Study

Case Study 1: Payment Service Provider 

InstaReM works with a global acquirer and payment service provider, which also has a B2B based payout business to support relationships with other businessesTheir customers are largely made up of eCommerce merchant customers – marketplaces, travel businesses, online retailers, digital platforms. 

How Did InstaReM Help? 

This client was looking for a solution in Malaysia and came to us as the best choice in this corridor. We were able to quickly deliver a solution on time and at a competitive price. 

As a result of our client’s decision to team up with InstaReM, their customers are now able to move money into Malaysiathe world’s 26th largest economy by GDP, and whose biggest exports include computer circuits, office equipment and broadcasting equipment. 

Our solution broadens the geographic reach of a payout product that they already have in Asia and adds greater depth to its local currency offering to existing customers.  

Transactions are instant in India, and t+0 in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia.  

Case Study 2: FX Broker 

InstaReM works with a UK-based FX broker focused on B2B transactions. Many of its customers rely on it for global payroll management, and their business model requires a local capability in their chosen markets.  

They chose InstaReM as a payout partner for southeast Asia because of our reach in these markets. We were able to give them access to markets where they don’t have a local presence, and we managed multiple license requirements in the region on their behalf.  

How Did InstaReM Help? 

InstaReM powers several lines of business for them in SE Asia, with payouts in IDR, PHP, MYR and BGT. Our solution helps improve their business performance through better value and better access. They gain access to a complex region through one connection, accessing a number of countries at a lower cost with our tight FX rates. This, in turn, has helped them to sell their services more competitively and attract additional business, as well as opening up new (previously under-utilized) payout markets. 

Using InstaReM has helped them seal new routes to existing and new clients – and increase sales – because they now have a more competitive offer to the market through InstaReM’s payout capability in SE Asian markets. 

Case Study 3: Travel Company 

InstaReM works with a hotel booking platform for those on a budget. The business works with hotels to create a network of rooms in places like Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. 

How Did InstaReM Help? 

The travel company can make local payouts to its vendor network, refund cancelled bookings, and make salary payouts seamlessly across multiple locations. They can also purchase required currencies on our platform beforehand – giving them better control on FX rate movements.  

The benefits to our client include reduced transaction costs, flexibility to book currency at the right time for them, faster payments, and reduced working capital requirements through our faster processing capabilities as compared to traditional channels. And using us, they don’t have to set up banking relationships in different territories. 

Our payment solution enables them to better manage their working capital requirements as invoice payments can be delivered on the due date thanks to our real-time payment (or T+0 / T+1) capabilities. 

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