Direct e-wallet transfers now available for remittances to the Philippines!

27 Mar 2024
3 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

Exciting news! Starting end March, we’re introducinga new feature for everyone sending money to the Philippines. Now, you can send money directly to your receivers’ e-wallets, making it super convenient for them to access their funds hassle-free.

With e-wallets as a new payout method, customers sending money in Phillippine Peso (PHP) can enjoy fast and secure transfers without having to spend time filling in bank account details.

With this nifty new option, you can send up to 50,000 PHP per transaction to 14 major e-wallets:

  1. GCash,
  2. PayMaya,
  3. GrabPay,
  4. ShopeePay,
  5. StarPay,
  6. TayoCash,
  7. PalawanPay,
  8. LuLu,
  9. USSC,
  10. JuanCash,
  11. iRemit,
  12. Maya,
  13. Bayad

This wide range of options ensures that your recipients can access their money in the way that’s most convenient for them.

Benefits of sending money to e-wallet

We’re all about keeping things easy-peasy when it comes to your money. That’s why we’re here to break down the perks of sending money straight to your receivers’ e-wallets. Let’s dive in and see how simple it can be!

  1. Simplified transactions: Forget about collecting bank details! All you need is your recipient’s e-wallet provider and e-wallet number, and you’re good to go.

  2. Enhanced security: Your receiver can handle their funds with peace of mind, easily managing it and making transactions without having to dip into their bank account.

  3. Faster payouts: Need for speed? We’ve got you covered! With faster payouts, your recipients will receive their money quickly, securely, and conveniently – that’s how we do it!

Unlocking convenience with e-wallet payouts

Let’s dive into how our new e-wallet payout feature can seriously simplify your financial life. Here’s the lowdown on why it’s such a game-changer:


  • Managing Loans (Education, Housing): Got loans looming over your head? No sweat! Sending money to any of the 14 major e-wallets in the Philippines is a breeze. Plus, enjoy great rates and minimal fees, so you can save more while paying off those debts.

  • Monthly Family Support: Keeping the family back home supported is crucial, right? Sending money regularly is the way to go. It covers all the essentials, saves you time and cash on transfer fees, and with just their e-wallet details, you can fund them almost instantly.

  • Building Your Savings: Thinking about the future? It’s time to start saving up. Sending money to your own e-wallet couldn’t be easier. Say goodbye to hunting down bank details and hello to favourable rates and low fees. Your savings game just got a serious upgrade!

Quick setup with these simple steps

Setting up e-wallet payouts in Instarem is easy. Here’s how you do it:


1. Add a new recipient with Philippines as the payout country, PHP as the currency, and e-wallet as the receiving method.


e wallet recepient

2. Choose your recipient’s e-wallet provider and enter the e-wallet number. (Be sure to provide an e-wallet number without any country code or special characters.)

e wallet add number

3. Save the recipient details and proceed with your transfer.

Ready to send money?

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