43 highest paying work-from-home jobs

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09 Jun 2022
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Accept it! You have become used to the comforts and ease of working from home (that’s why you are here reading this).

We don’t blame you! You could almost hear the collective groan of employees worldwide when governments started allowing offices to reopen. 

Well, the bad news is some companies are insisting on employees getting back to work from the office. But the good news is the employees aren’t listening (Have you heard of the ‘Great Resignation?’), which is why working from home is here to stay.

In fact, there are job opportunities opening up that are completely remote (you can work from the Maldives, for all they care) and some of them also pay quite high.

Let’s dive right in!

43 jobs that allow you to work from home and rake in money!

Because of the pandemic, `working from home is no longer a term for shady part-time jobs but rather legitimate ones. With the right skills, qualifications, and experiences, you can often land yourself a high-paying work-from-home job that is just as good as any traditional position. We have listed down 43 such jobs from nine different categories that all provide the opportunity to work from home while also earning a higher-than-average income.

Product/Project Management

1. Product manager – USD54,000 – USD121,000

In any business framework, the product manager has one of the most crucial roles to play. The product manager usually shoulders the responsibility of supervising the development of the products manufactured by an organisation. Furthermore, the product manager is also responsible for planning a strategy behind marketing the product based on its features and functional requirements.

2. Project manager – USD47,000 –USD145,000 depending on the industry

If you are aiming for a management position that is still accessible working from home, being a project manager might be just the right fit for you! A project manager is a professional who is involved with the planning and execution of a particular business venture within the scope and framework of the business.

3. Product owner – USD125,000 – USD156,000

Being a product owner is best suited while working from home. The product owner, or PO, plays a vital role in executing a project, prioritising technical and technical integrity in the process of production, and improving a product’s value.


1. Marketing communication manager – USD47,000 – USD136,000

The marketing communication manager is required for supervising communication programs within the organisation and creating and implementing new communication strategies. The marketing communication manager is also responsible for creating products like brochures, graphics, and logos and managing other business promotional requirements.

2. Product marketing manager – USD86,000 – USD156,000

The product marketing manager is responsible for taking care of all product-related aspects, including branding, messaging, and positioning of a product. Product marketing managers also collect customer reviews, manage client expectations, and supervise customer relations.

3. Online marketing manager – USD95,000 – USD131,000

Online marketing managers are hired by organisations to generate brand awareness, supervise the online presence of the organisation, and implement online marketing strategies. Online marketing managers, also known as digital marketing managers, often coordinate with the sales and marketing teams to improve the company’s online presence and reputation.

4. Content marketing manager – USD68,000 – USD82,000

Content marketing managers are required for improving web traffic and creating brand awareness through online content marketing.

5. Performance marketing manager – USD75,000 – USD140,000

Performance marketing managers shoulder the responsibility of managing all digital accounts and their effectiveness, supervising paid advertising and brand marketing strategies, and improving commercial performance through campaign-based marketing.

6. SEO manager – USD49,000 – USD103,000

SEO managers serve the purpose of planning and overseeing all SEO marketing strategies. They also take into account web analytics and marketing, keyword and content-based strategies, and link building to improve the organisation’s virtual presence on the internet.

7. Social media marketing manager – USD35,000 – USD125,000

Social media marketing managers are responsible for creating and handling social media accounts on behalf of the company and carrying out brand promotions and marketing strategies through social media channels.

8. Marketing automation manager – USD66,000 – USD187,000

Organisations often appoint marketing automation managers to optimise marketing processes, automate manual operations, and implement and manage measurement tools for streamlining efficiencies within the organisation.

9. Growth marketing manager – USD65,000 – USD187,000

The growth marketing manager serves the organisation by running iterative tests to determine business growth and collecting data from tests to formulate strategies to improve the company’s performance.

Sales & Business Development

1. Business development manager – USD44,000 – USD121,000

Business development managers look for improving business growth within a company by developing contacts to attract new clients, overseeing growth strategies, forecasting revenues, and examining market conditions for improving sales.

2. Channel sales manager – USD50,000 – USD124,000

Channel sales managers oversee sales enablement and research market strategies to improve sales.

3. Account manager – USD49,000 – USD110,000

Account managers, like channel sales managers, overlook sales and business ventures in regard to particular clients and customers. They are also responsible for maintaining relationships with existing clients.

4. Customer support manager – USD46,000 – USD95,000

The customer support manager is expected to maintain customer satisfaction by looking into customer complaints and providing solutions.

Software Development

1. Software engineer – USD64,000 – USD130,000

Software engineers are greatly in demand for designing and creating software programmes such as applications and games. They are also responsible for testing and modifying existing programmes to make them better.

2. Front-end engineer – USD46,000 – USD107,000

Front-end engineers shoulder the responsibility of improving user experience and satisfaction by planning and designing user interface systems and websites that cater to end-users.

3. Java developer – USD50,000 – USD103,000

Java Developers are appointed by companies to plan, design, and manage all Java-based applications and software.

4. Mobile developer – USD49,000 – USD112,000

The mobile app developer is required for designing and curating applications based on mobile phones and smartphone platforms. The mobile developer also makes sure that a website is easily accessible and viewable on mobile phones.

5. Full-stack engineer – USD90,000 – USD115,000

Full-stack engineers are senior-level software developers who have the added responsibility of performance evaluation of an application, code review, and architecture design, along with being involved in all stages of programme development.

6. Backend engineer – USD73,000 – USD172,000

Backend engineers are required by firms to help create a structure for a software application or a website. Backend engineers write server scripts, business logic, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for software engineers to base the coding on.


1. Blockchain engineer – USD150,000 – USD230,000

A blockchain engineer is usually relied on with tasks like designing, developing, overseeing operations, analysing, and implementing distributed blockchain networks. If you are aware of the major coding languages and have a deep understanding of blockchain architecture, the profession of a blockchain engineer might be the way for you to go!

2. Community manager – USD51,000 – USD63,000

The roles and responsibilities of a crypto community manager include keeping up interactions with users, seeking feedback, and suggesting modifications based on the user experiences. It’s much like social media community manager’s job but in a crypto environment.

3. Smart Contract developer – USD61,000 – USD117,000

Smart contracts or decentralised applications are programmed and handled by smart contract developers. You need to be highly skilled and understand blockchain platforms well to become a smart contract developer.

4. Web3 developer – USD70,000 – USD230,000

Web3 developers are responsible for creating and operating software and programs that are integrated into a blockchain or a decentralised P2P network instead of being based on a single cloud or operated by a single authority.

5. Quant analyst – USD23,000 – USD634,000

Quantitative analysts play the role of managing finances, risk management, and investments for a business using mathematical and statistical methods.


1. Content writer – USD33,000 – USD75,000

The content writer is an individual with proficiency in writing and provides written content in the form of blogs, articles, product descriptions, and so on for websites and targets a specific group of audience through their write-ups.

2. Editor – USD62,000 – USD82,000

The editor is responsible for supervising the working of the content writer, editing and proofreading content provided by the writer, and restructuring them as required by clients. They are also responsible for strategising the content topics as per client requirements.

3. UI/UX designer – USD30,000 – USD520,000

UI/UX designers are required to research and collect data based on user requirements. They are also needed for designing websites and applications that can be conveniently accessed and operated by users.

4. Graphic designer – USD40,000 – USD71,000

The graphic designer plays an important role in the process of designing a website or an app. They are also responsible for assembling images, typography, and motion design to significantly improve business websites and make them user-friendly and attractive.

5. Visual designer – USD65,000 – USD129,000

Like graphic designers, visual designers are required to make websites and applications look visually pleasing and user-friendly. Visual designers working from home are often known for their badass concept artworks and layouts for visual projects. Presently, with the growing popularity of online websites, games, and movies, the demand for visual designers has also grown massively.

6. Animator – USD38,000 – USD109,000

Animators are responsible for creating image-based animations that could be used for websites, applications, games, movies, and so on.

7. Art director – USD107,000 – USD152,000

The art director shoulders the important responsibility of supervising the works of graphic designers, visual designers, and animators. They can also provide relevant suggestions in helping animators, and visual designers improve their work, making them more suitable for users.

Computer & IT

1. Cloud architect – USD69,000 – USD164,000

Cloud architects are IT professionals who supervise all cloud computing strategies undertaken by a company, from cloud adoption plans to cloud application design and cloud management.

2. Solutions architect – USD97,000 – USD166,000

The solutions architect evaluates all business needs of a company, determines strategies to improve service, and leverages software, hardware, and other business infrastructure to improve business functions.

3. Tech support – USD50,000 – USD118,000

Tech support consists of IT professionals and engineers with the ability to diagnose IT system problems, monitor, maintain and repair faulty IT systems, websites and applications, and resolve hardware and software issues.

4. Systems engineer – USD78,000 – USD140,000

Systems engineers oversee the design and working of the network computing infrastructure within an organisation. They also ensure a smooth operation of computing systems and resolve technical issues.

Computer security

1. Cyber security – USD51,000 – USD117,000

Cyber security engineers ensure security over server-based computing and networking systems against cyber threats or hacking. They are also responsible for designing security measures, troubleshooting and monitoring computer networks against cyber-attacks.

2. Privacy officer – USD50,000 – USD140,000

The role of the privacy officer in an organisation is to supervise data protection strategies, manage risks related to information privacy, and implement security measures ensuring compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements.

3. Security consultant – USD56,000 – USD134,000

Organisations often hire security consultants to supervise and test cybersecurity measures within the organisation’s network, check for possible lapses, and design and implement further security measures if required.

Data & Analysis

1. Data scientist – USD68,000 – USD136,000

Data scientists utilise technology to collect information based on data from customer responses, patterns, and market conditions. This extracted information can be later implemented to meet customer expectations or improve products and services.

2. Data analyst – USD45,000 – USD87,000

Data analysts carry out the task of inspecting and remodelling collected information and implementing them into the existing business model in an attempt to improve customer satisfaction.

Comfort working, high paying – the new normal

If you’re looking for a high-paying job that allows you to work from home, we’ve got just the list for you. These 43 jobs come with comfortable salaries and the added perk of working from anywhere in the world.

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*Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. All details are accurate at the time of publishing. Instarem has no affiliation or relationship with products or vendors mentioned. Salary range references are obtained from Salary Explorer, Payscale, Glassdoor, Indeed and Salary.com

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