How Instarem helped this HR management system company save 25% in cross border transactions

25 Apr 2023
2 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

The Company

HR TAG simplifies employee information management with their mobile and web app, designed to meet Human Resource Management System (HRMS) needs. Their software covers core HR services, payroll, performance management, attendance tracking, HR analytics, and talent management. Business owners can navigate complex matters and make informed decisions aligned with employee needs and industry trends with HR TAG’s support. Founded in 2019, HR TAG offers an innovative approach to managing HR processes.

The Challenge

As HR Tag expanded globally, they faced a tricky problem: how to manage global payments easily and cost-effectively for their businesses in India, Thailand, and Vietnam. They were stuck with a monthly double billing cycle and had around 40 invoices to pay each time. Their previous payment option was slow, unhelpful and costly. They needed a better solution. They sought a provider who could offer speedy transfers, save them money, and provide top-notch customer service to match their global needs.

The Solution

HR TAG was introduced to Instarem which quickly became their go-to solution for global payments. With faster payments, better exchange rates and superb service from the Instarem support team, their global payments experience was transformed for the better.

“We really enjoy the fast transfer speed and quick response from Instarem customer service team, ”a representative of HR TAG said beamingly.

Transitioning to Instarem has led not only to a better user experience but an incredible 25% cost savings. 

The Results

• 25% in cost savings per month on exchange rates and fees
• Near instant transactions to Malaysia.
• Peace of mind with reliable customer support.

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