From climate challenges to green solutions: Join Instarem, Mastercard, and the tree-powered movement to restore our planet 

08 Dec 2023
3 mins read
Written by Riona lye

Don’t you just love the cool touch of a summer breeze or the soothing sounds of rain? But let’s face it, Mother Nature can be quite dramatic sometimes. One moment it’s sunshine and rainbows, the next, it starts raining and flooding happens.

As much as these are part of natural phenomena, human activities have also played a significant role in disrupting our climate since the 1800s, mainly through burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas.

How human activities drive rising temperatures on earth

The main culprits are carbon dioxide and methane, also known as greenhouse gases, which are released from activities like driving cars, heating buildings, and clearing land.


Even agriculture and oil and gas operations contribute a fair share of methane emissions. So basically, our energy use, industries, transportation, buildings, agriculture, and land use are all adding to the greenhouse effect.


Greenhouse gases act like a cozy blanket around the earth, trapping heat from the sun and causing temperatures to rise.

Let’s team up to save our planet: Embracing the tree power for climate action!

While we might not have control over Mother Nature’s moods, we can certainly do our bit to reduce greenhouse gases. While we can prep for weather disasters, we can also help fight climate change. Trees are awesome at this! They breathe in carbon pollutants and breathe out oxygen, helping to cool down our planet. However, we’ve lost nearly a billion acres of these green heroes to deforestation since 1990*. So, it’s high time we work together to turn this around and protect our precious Earth!

Restoring hope: Instarem, Mastercard, and you. On a mission to restore 100 million trees

Instarem has teamed up with Mastercard and the Priceless Planet Coalition to make a big difference. We’re on a mission to restore a whopping 100 million trees and we want you to join us!


Here’s our cool gift to you this holiday season: Be one of the first 2,000 people to sign up for Instarem’s amaze card, we’ll donate ten trees on your behalf. Yep, ten trees! All part of our plan to hit that impressive goal of 100 million trees.


And don’t worry, we’re not just throwing seeds randomly. Through our collaboration with Mastercard and their partnership with Conservation International and the World Resources Institute, we’re strategically restoring trees where they can make the most significant impact.


We know you love a little extra perk when you shop. So, why not make that extra count for something truly meaningful and awesome? Join us in this tree-restoring journey and let’s make a positive impact together!

Sign up for amaze and make a difference


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Just hop on the Instarem app, sign up, and voila, you can start using your amaze card right away. And here’s the cherry on top – it won’t cost you a cent!


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