How Instarem helps motorcycle apparel distributor streamline payments & cashflow

Customer stories
28 Feb 2023
3 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

The Company 

HOLESHOT Motowear is renowned for its quality selection of motorcycle apparel and accessories, as it stands today as one of the most highly regarded distributors in Malaysia.


The company is the sole importer and exporter of fifteen different brands from countries all around the world, giving their customers greater choice and quality assurance. This impressive breadth of supply enables HOLESHOT to sustainably satisfy both business-to-business (B2B) customers as well as end consumers. 


To achieve this broad reach, they take full advantage of digital platforms such as Shopee, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to provide direct access to their vast array of products.  


The company’s commitment to excellence has contributed significantly to its success in delivering top-notch services throughout Malaysia, Thailand and India.  

The Challenge 

HOLESHOT faced several complex issues when it came to making payments for their supplies with their previous payment solution.  


From complicated foreign exchange transactions to ensuring timely payments – they were up against a wall. With bank fees being too high and unreliable, HOLESHOT motorwear set off on the hunt for a more reliable payment solution that they could trust – one that would make their lives easier.  


Unfortunately, their first attempt fell flat as Masri, the co- founder of HOLESHOT motorwear recollects, “We ended up having a lot of transaction issues with the payment solution provider.” 


But determined not to give up, Holeshot knew it was time for a change – after all, paying suppliers late can result in great inconvenience for both them and their customers in terms of receiving imports late and disrupting cashflow.  

The Solution 

“I was first introduced by a friend of mine who faced similar issues, and it has since been game-changing for my business,” Masri said joyfully. 


“Their customer service is great, with quick response time. Good FX rates and minimal fees are also better than others.” 


Through Instarem, HOLESHOT motorwear is able to make their cross-border payments seamless and affordable – saving an impressive 5% per transaction. With this new setup, dealing with US or European suppliers is now a breeze. 


What stood out most to Masri were not just the savings they were making each month – but also the ability to stay on top of payments while focusing on key drivers that move their products forward.  


Instarem has given them an effective, cost-saving solution to guarantee consistent accountability without disrupting cashflow.  

The Results 

  • Save 5% on every overseas transaction payment.
  • Experienced near instant transaction to Malaysia. 
  • Stay on top of your payments without disrupting cashflow or supplier relationships. 
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with great customer service. 


 Looking to streamline your business while keeping costs low? Sign up for your free Instarem account today.  

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