Survival Guide For A Travelling Freelancer

Expat life
14 Dec 2017
4 mins read
Written by Team Instarem

Venturing out into the unknown like moving base to a foreign country and working from there can be exciting and rejuvenating. By working as a digital nomad or a freelancer in a new destination you get to take in all the beautiful sights and sounds around you without losing out on an income to sustain yourself.

In order to be able to work well as a freelancer in a new location and profit at the same time, there are some vital tips that you need to take into consideration.

1. Keep Your Finances In Order

Maintaining a healthy bank balance is of utmost importance if you are going to be working as a freelancer in a foreign country. You need to have enough savings to fall back on just in case you happen to be suddenly out of work or without a regular source of income.
While getting a job or a professional assignment that pays you money may not be too hard for you in any foreign country these days, it is not something you can fully rely on. Hence, it is imperative to save money for rainy days, just in case you find yourself in unexpected situations.

2. Complete Work On Time

Another important point to consider when working as a freelancer in a foreign country is to make sure that you complete all your assignments on time, especially if you have signed a contract to do so. This is most necessary as there are certain clients who don’t agree to pay you fully for your work unless all their requirements are fulfilled. You need to really make your work your priority and complete all assignments as quickly as you can to avoid being short of money in an unknown destination.

3. Be Aware Of Currency Value

The currency of the new country and its value in relation to the dollar is something that you ought to take into consideration as well when you work as a freelancer from a foreign destination. You need to be aware of the fact that this value is likely to fluctuate regularly, and based on such awareness you can decide for yourself as to how you are going to spend your money in this new destination. If the rates are good, you may be able to afford to spend more.


4. Know Your Financial Worth

As a freelancer, you need to be aware of how much you are worth financially, especially if you are going to be working from a foreign country. You cannot afford to charge money that is too low in comparison to your professional competency or standards. You need to charge exactly what you are worth in order to be able to live a good life in a foreign location. You can ask other freelancers you know in this foreign country or those based in your home country exactly what you should be charging when working as an expat.

5. Position Yourself Well

Sometimes you really need to know how to push yourself in order to achieve financial success, and this is essential when you are working as a freelancer in a foreign destination. You should advertise your services as widely as you can in order to be able to get work more frequently.
You can create business cards for this purpose and communicate regularly on social media platforms about the kind of work that you do. The more you sell your services, the more likely will it be for professional assignments to come your way.

6. Remain Motivated

You need to remain motivated at all times when working as a freelancer in a foreign country. Things are likely to be quite uncertain at times. You may not get work as regularly as you want to, expenses may just be running very high, and more often than not you may find yourself feeling worried.
In such instances, it will be necessary to take a short break and go on a holiday to exotic destinations in this foreign country or to maybe another nearby country depending on your financial strength. This will keep you mentally recharged for all the challenges that life may throw at you.

Thus, by keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, working as a freelancer in a new foreign destination is certain to be a cakewalk for you. You need to move along with your head held high, maintain a carefree disposition and remain a hundred percent committed to your work in order to balance your life as a freelancer successfully.

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