Where to stay in Penang – 11 best hotels for the ultimate retreat 

29 Apr 2024
15 mins read
Written by Riona lye

Planning a trip to Penang? Make sure to include Georgetown in your itinerary — it’s the heart of Penang. This place earned its UNESCO World Heritage status back in 2008, and once you’re there, you’ll see why. Think charming colonial buildings, colourful street art, and some seriously delicious street food! 


But hold up — before you dive into exploring, let’s talk about where to stay in Penang. Trust us, you’ll want a comfy spot to recharge after all that wandering. So, we’ve put together a list of the best hotels in the area to make your decision easier.  


Whether you’re all about budget-friendly stays, splurging on luxury, or soaking up the sun on a beach retreat, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even thrown in some details like room rates and nearby attractions to help you out.  


Ready to make the most of your Penang getaway? Let’s find your perfect stay! 


Hotel Name 

Rates per Night 

Cheong Fatt Tze, The Blue Mansion 

From SGD 172 

Cititel Penang 

From SGD 72 

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang 

From SGD 85 

Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang 

From SGD 279 

G Hotel Penang 

From SGD 140 

Hard Rock Hotel Penang 

From SGD 122 

Hotel JEN Penang 

From SGD 98 

OZO Hotel Penang 

From SGD 51 

PARKROYAL Penang Resort 

From SGD 115 

Sunway Hotel Penang 

From SGD 87 

The Prestige Hotel Penang 

From SGD 138 


Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang 

 Let’s take a stroll through one of Georgetown’s most renowned establishments: the Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang, affectionately dubbed E&O Penang by travellers. Located by the seaside, the hotel treats its guests to stunning sea views from their room — just what they need to start their day right.


This historic hotel is divided into two wings. The Heritage Wing, recently renovated, boasts of new amenities and exclusive privileges, offering guests a selection of exquisite suites. Meanwhile, the Victory Annexe blends modernity with the building’s timeless charm, catering to the preferences of today’s travellers. 


Dining at E&O Penang is an experience in itself, with a range of culinary delights to tantalise every palate. From traditional Nyonya dishes and European classics at The Java Tree to indulgent Malaysian and international buffet spreads at the Sarkies, guests are in for a gastronomic treat. 


And let’s not forget about the pool! Imagine lounging by the water’s edge, with the serene sea as your backdrop. For those who appreciate picturesque views and luxurious relaxation, Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang is the ultimate accommodation. 


Average Google rating: 4.5 (4,000 reviews) 

Address: 10, Lebuh Farquhar, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

Type: 5-star 

Rates: From SGD 279 

Check-in: 3:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm  

Phone Number: +(6) 04 222 2000 

G Hotel Penang 

Let’s explore G Hotel Penang, designed to cater to the needs of modern travellers. Situated along the coast, this hotel treats its guests to breathtaking views of the Straits of Malacca. Notably, it’s conveniently located within walking distance of two popular shopping malls — Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon — offering ample opportunities for retail therapy. 


Adjacent to Gurney Plaza lies the iconic Gurney Drive Hawker Centre, renowned for its array of local delicacies like Penang Char Kuey Teow and Assam Laksa. And when the sun sets, the nearby nightlife scene comes alive, providing guests with a taste of Penang’s vibrant evenings. 


Inside, G Hotel Penang boasts over 300 spacious and inviting rooms, each promising a unique and comfortable stay. The breakfast options are diverse, ranging from Penang-style Nasi Lemak to classic American Sunny-Side Ups and Danish pastries. 


Additionally, guests have access to a well-equipped gym open 24/7 and an outdoor infinity pool complete with sun loungers and umbrellas for relaxation. Despite being slightly removed from Georgetown’s bustling atmosphere; G Hotel Penang offers everything a guest could desire right at their fingertips. 


Average Google rating: 4.4 (4,236 reviews) 

Address: 168A, Gurney Dr, 10250 George Town, Penang, Malaysia 

Type: 5-star 

Rates: From SGD 140 

Check-in: 3:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm 

Phone Number: +(6) 04 238 0000 

Sunway Hotel Penang 

Calling all foodies! Sunway Hotel Penang is the ultimate destination for your culinary adventures. 


Within a mere 1-minute stroll, you’ll find yourself at New Lane Penang Street Food, ready to tantalise your taste buds with its array of delectable dishes. And if you’re in need of a breather from the hustle and bustle of Georgetown Penang, hop in the car for an 18-minute drive to Penang Hill, where you can take in stunning panoramic views of the city. 


For just SGD 87, treat yourself to a spacious Deluxe Twin Room packed with all the amenities you’d expect from a top-notch 4-star hotel in Penang. And when hunger strikes, Sunway Hotel Penang has you covered with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options ranging from local specialties to western favourites. 


Had one too many bites? No worries! Burn off those extra calories with a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool, complete with a relaxing whirlpool bath, perfect for soaking up the sun. At Sunway Hotel Penang, your culinary and relaxation needs are well taken care of. 


Average Google rating: 4.2 (2,911 reviews) 

Address: 33, Lorong Baru, George Town, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

Type: 4-star 

Rates: From SGD 87 

Check-in: 3:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm 

Phone Number: +(6) 04 229 9988 

Cheong Fatt Tze, The Blue Mansion 

Ah, the iconic Blue Mansion! Known as “Penang’s Blue Mansion,” this historic gem has graced the silver screen in films like the popular “Crazy Rich Asians.” Dating back to the 1890s, it has undergone numerous renovations and was even honoured with the UNESCO Most Excellent Project award in 2000. 


If you’re considering a stay at the legendary Blue Mansion Penang, you’ll have your pick of 18 unique rooms. Each one is meticulously crafted and lavishly furnished to capture the essence of this 130-year-old heritage site. Whether you prefer an oriental garden, an open courtyard, or a room with a jacuzzi, there’s something to suit every taste. 


But the experience doesn’t stop there! The Blue Mansion Penang offers daily 45-minute guided tours at 11:00am and 2:00pm, accommodating up to 42 guests per tour. These tours offer a fascinating journey into the rich history and architectural marvels of the mansion. 


Feeling hungry? Indulge in culinary delights at their Indigo restaurant or soak up the vibrant atmosphere at Mangga Nights, complete with live music. 


So, if you’ve ever dreamed of living the high life of a Crazy Rich Asian, the Cheong Fatt Tze, Blue Mansion Penang is best hotel to stay in Penang! 


Average Google rating: 4.5 (4,549 reviews) 

Address: 14, Lebuh Leith, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

Type: 4-star 

Rates: From SGD 172 

Check-in: 2:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm 

Phone Number: +(6) 04 262 0006 

Cititel Penang 

Not everyone’s rolling in dough like the folks at Blue Mansion. So, if you’re on the lookout for options, just about 400 metres down the road from the Blue Mansion, you’ll stumble upon Cititel Penang. 


This 4 star hotel in Penang stands tall at 16 stories, making it a standout architectural landmark in its own right. And guess what? With a whopping 451 spacious and cozy rooms up for grabs, Cititel Penang has all the ingredients for a truly relaxing getaway. Think plush beds, roomy bathrooms, massive TV screens, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, and refreshing rain showers — talk about luxury! 


And here’s the cherry on top: if you’re keen on exploring Georgetown without the hassle of long travel times, you’re in luck! Cititel Penang sits smack dab in the heart of Georgetown, with iconic art murals like the ‘Trishaw man’ and ‘Man selling pau’ just a stone’s throw away. 


But let’s talk about the real MVP, especially when those lazy and hungry moments hit. Yep, we’ve all been there. Cititel Penang spoils you for choice with its wide range of in-house dining options. From tantalising local delights to mouthwatering Chinese or Japanese cuisines, this hotel has you covered. So, go ahead, indulge — you deserve it! 


Average Google rating: 4.2 (2,798 reviews) 

Address: 66, Jln Penang, George Town, 10000 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

Type: 4-star 

Rates: From SGD 72 

Check-in: 3:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm 

Phone Number: +(6) 04 291 1188 

The Prestige Hotel Penang 

Let’s face it, part of the allure of splurging on a 5 star hotel in Penang is being able to kick back and soak up all the luxe facilities. Not everyone’s up for a wild adventure — they just want to cocoon themselves away for a few days. 


So, if you’re all about that classy hermit life, look no further than The Prestige Hotel Penang. 


Picture this: a rich colonial Victorian vibe with a modern twist, tucked away from the hustle and bustle but still close enough to all the charms of Georgetown. That’s The Prestige Hotel Penang, a luxurious 5 star hotel in Penang that’s all about bespoke hospitality and unforgettable experiences. 


Each room is meticulously designed, blending modern sophistication with timeless heritage. And get this — they even throw in a complimentary minibar with daily top-ups. Talk about pampering!  


Hungry? No worries! The hotel’s Victorian Arcade is home to The Glasshouse, where you can indulge in a culinary journey like no other. From local delicacies to international fare, there’s something to tantalise every taste bud. 


Oh, and don’t forget to check out the pièce de résistance: the hotel’s stunning Rooftop Infinity Pool, featuring 100% saltwater and overlooking the majestic Straits of Malacca. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and soak in those breathtaking views after a day of city exploration. 


In a nutshell, prepare to be one happy hermit at The Prestige Hotel Penang. 


Average Google rating: 4.6 (1,271 reviews) 

Address: 8, Gat Lebuh Gereja, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

Type: 5-star hotel 

Rates: From SGD 138 

Check-in: 3:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm 

Phone Number: +(6) 04 217 5888 

OZO Hotel Penang 

So, you’ve made it this far and now you’re probably wondering if there are any budget hotels in Penang that can accommodate families or big groups of friends. 


Well, look no further than OZO Hotel Penang! Nestled near Penang’s iconic ‘Trishaw Man’ and ‘Man selling pau’ murals, it’s the perfect spot for snapping some unique shots. 


At just SGD 51 a night, OZO Hotel Penang is all about giving you a good night’s sleep. They’ve got super soft beds, blackout curtains, and top-notch noise-proofing technology to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Because let’s face it, having a comfy spot to crash is key to making the most of your Penang adventure. 


But here’s the kicker — they’ve even got two-bedroom suites to accommodate families or larger friend groups, and all at a price that’s probably cheaper than your typical 4 or 5-star hotels. Talk about a steal! 


And here’s a fun little twist: their check-in lobby is located on Level 20. How cool is that? Plus, they’ve got a fabulous rooftop pool where you can soak up some sun and enjoy breathtaking views of the city and the ocean. 


So, if you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly hotel in Penang that doesn’t skimp on amenities or service quality, OZO Hotel Penang has got your back! 


Average Google rating: 4.1 (545 reviews) 

Address: 166, Jalan Argyll, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

Type: 4-star 

Rates: From SGD 51 

Check-in: 3:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm 

Phone Number: +(6) 04 226 3737 

Hotel JEN Penang 

Let’s dive into a hotel that’s a shopaholic’s dream — the fabulous Hotel JEN Penang. 


Imagine this: nestled smack dab in the midst of all the action, surrounded by not one, but two massive shopping malls — Prangin Mall and 1st Avenue Penang Shopping Mall — plus cool attractions like The TOP Penang, Rainbow Skywalk, and the KOMTAR Tower. Hotel JEN Penang has your shopping spree sorted! 


Got your hands full of shopping bags? No sweat. With over 400 spacious and modern rooms, Hotel JEN Penang has plenty of space for you to unload and recharge. And get this — they offer seamless digital check-in and check-out, so you can drop off your bags and hit the shops again in a flash! 


But wait, there’s more! This place is jam-packed with awesome facilities and amenities to make your stay as comfy as can be. 


Now, we all know how steamy it can get in Penang. If you need to cool off without straying too far, head to Café JEN for some mouthwatering Asian delights like Penang Char Kuey Teow or their famous JEN’s Nasi Goreng. And if you’re in the mood for something international, they’ve got tasty options like Napolitana and Margherita pizzas. 


Oh, and don’t forget to swing by their Club Lounge for some free-flow happy hour drinks and coffees while you kick back and catch up with friends. So, if you’re after a hotel that’s not only super convenient but also offers a boatload of perks, Hotel JEN Penang is the place to be! 


Average Google rating: 4.3 (6,272 reviews) 

Address: Magazine Rd, George Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

Type: 4-star 

Rates: From SGD 98 

Check-in: 3:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm 

Phone Number: +(6) 04 262 2622 

PARKROYAL Penang Resort 

Alright, let’s talk about those of us who can’t resist the allure of a balcony in a hotel room. You know, the kind where you can sip your morning coffee, gaze out at nature, and just chill. 


If that’s a must-have for you and you’re willing to splurge a little, you’ve got to check out PARKROYAL Penang Resort. 


Tucked away up northwest of Georgetown in Batu Ferringhi, PARKROYAL Penang Resort promises the ultimate beach getaway you’ve been dreaming of! 


This newly refurbished 5 star hotel in Penang boasts a total of 309 brand new guestrooms, each meticulously designed to elevate your stay to the next level. We’re talking spacious rooms, fluffy pillows, huge TVs, and lightning-fast Wi-Fi — check, check, check, and check! 


But here’s the real kicker: Balcony? Oh yeah, you bet. PS: For Deluxe, Premier, and Suite Rooms only. 


And let’s not forget about the dining scene! The newly revamped Cinnamon restaurant serves up mouthwatering local delights in a lush outdoor setting with breathtaking views. Talk about dining in style! 


And here’s the best part: if you’re craving some peace and quiet, you can escape to the iconic pool at PARKROYAL Penang Resort. With a baby wading pool and two massive water slides suitable for all ages, it’s the perfect spot to unwind. And if that’s not enough, you can lounge in the sun or treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa treatment at St. Gregory. 


So, if you’re ready to ditch the hustle and bustle for a dose of nature and relaxation, PARKROYAL Penang Resort is calling your name! 


Average Google rating: 4.5 (6,049 reviews) 

Address: PARKROYAL Penang Resort Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

Type: 5-star 

Rates: From SGD 115 

Check-in: 3:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm 

Phone Number: +(6) 04 886 2288 

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang 

Who doesn’t love a little adventure, right? Sometimes, getting away from the hustle and bustle and finding yourself near a peaceful beach sounds like just the ticket. And guess what? There’s a hotel near Miami Beach. But hold on a sec — it’s not the Miami you’re thinking of in the United States. We’re talking about Miami Beach in Penang! 


Now, let’s talk about why DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang might just be the best hotel in Penang for family. 


Sure, it might be a bit of a trek from Georgetown, but this hotel has everything you could possibly need and more. While the kids dive into the in-house kids’ club, teddy bear museum, and outdoor splash pool, you can treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering at Eforea Spa. 


And here’s the kicker: DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang boasts of an impressive 4.3 Google rating with a whopping 4,816 reviews. And after sifting through those reviews, it’s clear that guests can’t stop singing praises about the exceptional service and mouthwatering breakfast buffet. 


Let’s be real, if you’re shelling out that kind of cash for a Hilton experience, be rest assured that the service will be top-notch! 


Average Google rating: 4.3 (4,816 reviews) 

Address: 56, Jalan Low Yat, Puncak Ria, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

Type: 4-star 

Rates: From SGD 85 

Check-in: 3:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm 

Phone Number: +(6) 04 892 8000  

Hard Rock Hotel Penang 

As the first-ever Hard Rock Hotel in Malaysia, Hard Rock Hotel Penang drew quite the crowd when it first opened its doors. And let’s not forget, it’s one of the many awesome resorts and hotels lining the beautiful Batu Ferringhi coastline. 


With around 250 rooms to choose from, each one decked out with BOSE® sound systems, free blockbuster movies, and luxurious 300-thread-count linens, you’re guaranteed a night of pure bliss. And speaking of pampering, don’t miss out on the fantastic massages at Rock Spa®—talk about ultimate relaxation! 


But wait, there’s more! If you’re itching for some aquatic adventures beyond Batu Ferringhi’s beach, head over to the hotel’s massive free-form pool — the largest in Northern Malaysia. With daily activities and a swim-up bar, the fun never stops! 


And here’s the cherry on top: the iconic Hard Rock Café is right here at Hard Rock Hotel Penang, boasting over 500 pieces of music and entertainment memorabilia. Guests can even take a tour every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 11:00am. Now that’s rockin’! 


So, if you’re after a hotel that’s as cool as it gets, look no further than the Hard Rock Hotel Penang. It’s where luxury meets rock ‘n’ roll! 


Average Google rating: 4.5 (5,325 reviews) 

Address: Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 

Type: 5-star 

Rates: From SGD 122 

Check-in: 3:00pm 

Check-out: 12:00pm 

Phone Number: +(6) 04 881 1711 

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