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Fast transfer and better rates

Fast transfer and better rates. For hassle free transfers i will definitely recommend Instarem

Rijul Chandran Feb 26, 2021

If you are looking for sending money…

If you are looking for sending money with real exchange rate, then go for Instarem. Provides a competitive exchange rates without any extra/hidden charges. Great way to transfer money abroad. It also provides referral benefits, points etc.

Suraj Vadvadgi Feb 24, 2021

Wonderful experience

User friendly. Smooth transaction. Wonderful experience. Thank you

Hepsiba Jonathan Jan 10, 2021

Glad I found Instarem

I started using Instarem recently. The best thing about this is the exchange rate is pretty good compared to other competitors. I have not ran into any issues so far. I have used Instarem for a few transaction already and plan to use it on a regular basis.

Pradip Hayu Feb 17, 2021

Perfect for managing my money accross…

Perfect for managing my money accross countries and currencies.. a very good customer support in case of any issues

Nitin Pal Dec 28, 2020

Great UX for customers.. sending money made easy

Great UX for customers. Simple design of flow for payments. Genuinely helpful customer service through chat and very quick to respond.

Harish Balaji Dec 13, 2020

Smooth Transaction with Good Rates

The process and everything was smooth. The transfers do take around 3 days to reach in receivers account. Also, they don't accept money from any account that doesn't have your name. And they don't have joint accounts for transfer.

Rijul Chandran 26 Feb, 2021

Instarem is simple to use

Instarem is simple to use and convenient. Best part is better transfer rate in a market. I would recommend instarem to others.

Rijul Chandran 26 Feb, 2021

Easy to transact. Now with Pay-id activation, the costs are even less. Super quick response to e-mails. Overall excellent.

Ram Nishant Alajangi Feb 22, 2021

Great App,user friendly and never felt issues with any transaction. More over, we can Trust Instarem for PayID transactions. Initially, I was a bit nervous to transfer funds as now a days frauds are increasing but every transaction is successful and more safe and fast.

Siva Kella Feb 8, 2021

Instarem provides competitive exchange rates. InstaPoints are bonus for spending more with Instarem.

Purushottam Kulawade Feb 2, 2021

I have been using Instarem for about 2 years now and I am a happy customer! They had one of the best rates compared with others. My most recent transaction via bank transfer only took 1 hour from my bank to recipient bank account! This is a huge improvement from before, which takes at least a few hours or within 24 hours. The drawbacks are: the minimum transfer amount (I can't send less than £200), and I have never used my Instarem points as they all expired.

Rebecca Mahor Jan 25, 2021

Quick, easy and convenient

Shravya Shetty Jan 8, 2021

We care about your data

Your information is safe with us. We’re ISO 27001 certified, which is the Global Standard for Information Security Management Systems. Any business with this certification is committed to providing adequate and proportionate security controls that safeguard sensitive data and financial assets that you share with us.

ISO 27001 certification also demonstrates that the controls we have in place are adequate and proportionate for the security threats we identify and evaluate as part of our risk assessments. It’s this attention to detail and added-value that we believe sets us apart as the world’s simpler international money transfer service.


Reaching 3.21 billion people

We are licensed to operate from 9 countries across the world. This enables us to send money to 55+ countries through our global network of 8,000+ banks. Our compliance team works in close quarters with the leading financial regulators to operate with total integrity and transparency.

Our global network means our cost-effective money transfers and transparent transactions are now accessible to billions of travellers and businesses across the globe.

Awards and accolades

We’re not in this for the awards ceremonies. In fact, our purpose is to empower our customers and put you in complete control of your money. We’re delighted to have received recognition from our peers along the way.


Singapore Fintech Award

Singapore Fintech Festival, 2017, Singapore


FinTech Rising Star Award

India FinTech Awards, 2017, Mumbai


Outstanding Digital Cross-Border Money Transfer Service

ET Net FinTech Awards, 2017, Hong Kong


Blockchain Innovator Award

Swell by Ripple, 2018, San Francisco


Excellence in Payments

Fintech Australia 2018

Why Instarem?

Global Network

55+ countries within your reach.

Great value

Low fees. Great FX rates. Nothing hidden.

Safe and reliable

Industry-leading technology that moves $4 Billion annually.


Send money and earn points to enjoy even greater value.

Save time

Skip the queues and send money fast.

Anytime, anywhere

Send money on-the-go with our app.

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